TJ Lavin Announces ‘The Challenge: All Stars’ Season 3 Coming Soon

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The final of “The Challenge: All Stars” 2 is airing on January 13 on Paramount+ but there are already hints that the third season of the popular spinoff show is just around the corner. Warning: This article contains spoilers about the final of “All Stars” season two, including the winners.

At the end of the 10th episode and finale of “All Stars” season two, Paramount+ released a short clip featuring TJ Lavin hinting at the next season. Additionally, Jodi revealed that she was called for filming and that it took place right after season two ended.

The preview showed a house in Panama and host TJ walking into it as a cover of Semisonic’s “Closing Time” played in the background. “You thought that was good, wait until you see what I have in store for them next,” TJ said as the screen flashed “Coming Soon.” A release date has not yet been announced by the network but filming has already taken place, according to some competitors.

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Jodi Revealed on Instagram That She Was Called for the 3rd Season of ‘All Stars’ But She Had to Turn It Down

In a recent video on Instagram after her elimination from “All Stars” season two, Jodi revealed that she was called for the third season of the spinoff but had to turn it down. She confirmed on her Instagram Story that filming had already taken place. She said when she got home from filming “All Stars” 2, she got a call on the following day for “All Stars” 3.

She said she would have had to fly out to film after just one weekend at home and she was unable to commit to that. She said she’s not sure if she’ll do another season because the timing would have to be “perfect” for her family.

The Final Saw MJ Garrett & Jonna Mannion Come From Behind to Take the Victory

The final of “All Stars” season two dropped on Paramount+ on January 13 and it saw MJ and Jonna crowned as the champions following a difficult final for the pair. Four teams started the final with an overnight challenge. They then took part in three different checkpoints during the day but one team, Ayanna Mackins and Teck Holmes, were unable to continue after that phase. Despite Teck’s willingness to keep trying, Ayanna told TJ she had to stop competing and the two were eliminated.

The final three teams, Darrell Taylor and Janelle Casanave, Nehemiah Clark and Melinda Collins, and MJ and Jonna, took part in phase two. That phase was an eating challenge followed by a puzzle and run to unlock a safe. The first team to do so would be crowned champions and take home $500,000.

Although MJ and Jonna came in third on the first phase, they were able to solve their equation and open the safe faster than the other two teams, beating them by just a few moments.

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