The Challenge Cast Member Slams Co-Star as ‘Fake’

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The “Challenge: USA” spinoff is a few episodes in now and there is already a lot of drama between cast members, thanks in large part to past history from their previous shows.

Two shows collided in a confrontation earlier in July when episode 2 was airing as “Survivor” star Shan Smith called out “Big Brother” alum Alyssa Lopez. It all started when Alyssa retweeted a clip from the episode that showed Shan filling in her “Survivor” allies on Tiffany Mitchell and saying she didn’t trust her.

Alyssa added to her retweet the question, “Wait Shan I thought your story was I said this?” along with the “busted” hashtag. One of the storylines in the earlier episodes was Alyssa wanting revenge on Xavier Prather from her “Big Brother” season because she felt betrayed by him. As “Big Brother” fans know, Xavier and others on “Big Brother 23” were part of the Cookout Alliance, one of the most dominant alliances in the history of the show that was created with the goal of having the first Black winner of the show.

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Shan Slammed Alyssa & Accused Her of ‘Exploiting’ Her Proximity to the Cookout

Shan didn’t hesitate to clap back at Alyssa, tweeting, “WAIT NOT ALYSSA @lysslopezz running around with the cookout all year benefiting from proximity to the culture – perpetrating and pretending to be understanding of the movement and it’s significance all the while plotting REVENGE,” along with the trashcan emoji and a hashtag saying “fakea**allies.”

Shan continued, tweeting, “Y’all met ‘Becky’ y’all met ‘Karen’ But let me introduce you 2 an ‘Alyssa’ @lysslopezz -One who will b seen around members of the cookout.will exploit the hype, attention n the benefits of proximity 2 said group all the while seeking her own self advancement &opportunity for revenge.”

Shan’s Twitter account has since been deleted but screenshots are available courtesy of The Challenge Shade Room’s Instagram.

After her elimination in the 4th episode, Shan told Entertainment Weekly, “I sat on Twitter waiting for her to clap back for a couple days, and then she didn’t, and then I was like, ‘Man, Twitter is toxic,’ because I’m here waiting for a clap back because I already had my gun loaded to clap back after the clap back!” She added that she then “got off Twitter” but that she never understood why Alyssa came for her on the platform. “I just think it was messy,” she concluded. “I don’t have a lot of respect for her as a person. I don’t wish her anything bad in life, but I don’t really like her.”

The 4th Episode of ‘The Challenge: USA’ Saw Alyssa Make a Big Move Against Shan

In episode 4 of “The Challenge: USA,” Alyssa and her teammate for the week, Kyland Young, decided to make a move against both Xavier and Shan, who were paired up that week. While Alyssa and Kyland revealed that their vote was due to not trusting Shan, Alyssa made it clear in several confessionals and conversations that she wanted to get back at Xavier for his betrayal on “Big Brother.”

Xavier and Shan faced off against David Alexander and Justine Ndiba, who lost that week’s challenge, and ended up losing and getting eliminated from the show. Afterward, it was clear from their exit interviews that both Xavier and Shan were unhappy with Alyssa, as Shan said “Alyssa might be Megamind, but she’s not the sharpest pencil in the box. I just don’t know what she was thinking, it just doesn’t make any sense to me.”

Xavier said, “I played ‘Big Brother’ season 23 and I backstabbed everyone and they’re all petty little b****es about it. That’s why Tyson [Apostol] and the rest of his ‘Survivor’ f****** juggernauts are gonna take y’all out because y’all don’t have any backup now. I’m still rich, y’all broke and y’all are stupid.”

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