‘The Challenge’ Veteran Slams Co-Star: ‘What the F*** Is Wrong With You’

The Challenge Spies Lies and Allies cast

MTV The Challenge: Spies Lies and Allies cast during the launch special.

The 37th season of “The Challenge” premiered on Wednesday, August 11, and there are already hints of drama between some of its stars although one rivalry between Amanda Garcia and Berna Canbeldek has been taking place on social media and promo for the show only at this time and hasn’t played out during the episodes at this time.

Although Amanda cast a lot of shade on her rookie co-star on social media in the past few weeks, she recently added more context about why the “Survivor Turkey” contestant rubbed her the wrong way and said it was due to COVID-19 protocols. After the “Spies, Lies and Allies” season was announced, a promo video released by MTV had vets giving their impressions of the rookies.

In the clip, Amanda said Berna was on her “s*** list” because she was all over Nelson Thomas and Kaycee Clark despite those two being involved with other people. Later, Amanda shared to her Instagram Story a photo of Nelson partying in New York City and dancing with a girl. The “Are You the One?” star captioned the photo, “Berna who?”

On August 9, Amanda said she really wanted to speak her mind on one of her co-stars but didn’t name anyone. She tweeted , “Idk if I can wait for the reunion to blow this fake a** B***H up OMGGGGGGGG. I’m soooo f****** close Jesus take the wheel.”

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Amanda Revealed That She Didn’t Like Berna Canbeldek Because She Said She Broke COVID-19 Protocol During Quarantine

During an Instagram Live with Michele Fitzgerald and Ashley Mitchell and Amanda, the three competitors spoke about their least favorite rookie co-stars on the show and Amanda said one of hers was definitely Berna and it was because of her behavior during their second quarantine.

She said she yelled at the rookie through the railing during quarantine: “My top three that I didn’t like… well I definitely didn’t like Berna,” Amanda said, “because you guys know I got into it with her in the f****** hotel, remember I was yelling at her through the f****** railing.”

Amanda said she already didn’t like her in the house because she was “all over” Kaycee and Nelson and after when they went back to quarantine, “She had COVID and she was trying to spread it to everybody and I was like ‘dude what the f*** is wrong with you’, remember that?”

Amanda continued, “That’s why I yelled at her. We’re back in quarantine because you can’t not pass s*** on your balcony.” She said they had to quarantine extra days because of that and it rubbed her the wrong way.

Ashley Said She Also Didn’t Like Berna & Said Berna Asked Some Annoying Questions the 1st Night

Ashley agreed with Amanda and referred to Berna as Bertha during the Live. She said, “I definitely did not vibe too much with Bertha because, well, she rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.” She explained how every season, production will speak to the entire cast on the first night and explain the rules and how the filming process works.

Ashley told fans that rookies then use that opportunity to ask questions and said, “And so Berna’s like, she raises her hand, and she’s like, ‘And what happens if we want to sleep and everyone’s not being quiet?’ I’m like, ‘B****, welcome to the f****** Challenge!’” Amanda replied, “Oh, she did? Yeah, I don’t remember that. What a stupid question.”

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