The Challenge Finalist: ‘It’s a Disability I Have Lived With My Entire Life’

The Challenge Double Agents

MTV The Challenge: Double Agents

The Challenge: Double Agents‘ 17th episode aired this week and it had an exciting mini final for the female competitors that allowed fans to see how the final four women compare in terms of physical and mental ability. One of the competitors, rookie Amber Borzotra, was seen struggling during the daily challenge when she was unable to solve the math equation at the first checkpoint.

The Big Brother star remained at the first checkpoint attempting to solve it until the other competitors finished the daily challenge and she came in last with her partner Fessy Shafaat. After the episode aired, Amber took to social media to tell fans of the show that she has dyscalculia, a math learning disability often referred to as “number dyslexia” or “math dyslexia.”

She wrote, “Y’all, I know I suck at math lol. I have what’s called Dyscalculia AKA number dyslexia. It’s a disability I have lived with my entire life. Literally have always struggled..Not my strong suit, but I tried my hardest.” She also replied to another tweet, “Babes, I have what’s called Dyscalculia AKA number dyslexia. Literally have always struggled with math…Not my strong suit.”

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Amber Responded to a Lot of Fans Who Thanked Her for Sharing & Revealed Their Own Struggles With Dyscalculia

After revealing that she has dyscalculia, Amber responded to many of her followers who thanked her for sharing or revealed their own issues growing up with dyscalculia. One fan said they have it and it’s “no joke,” to which Amber said, “Omg I feel your pain!!! Bless.” Someone else congratulated her for not giving up and she said, “One thing I don’t do is give up!!”

One fan joked that Amber likely went home after the season and downloaded an app on her phone to practice math and she laughed and said, “Facts!!!” She also agreed with someone who wrote, “I have the same kind. People tell you to practice or just do it but what they don’t understand you literally can’t. It’s the worst. I feel like my brain does somersaults in my skull when I try to do math.”

Amber also responded to someone who opened up about having dyslexia and said, “I hate it!!! Wish I didn’t struggle with dyscalculia, but I do and I hate it. I use to get extremely embarrassed growing up and lowkey still do.” Amber agreed with a fan who described what it feels like to have dyscalculia:

Amber Is Heading Into the Final on Her Rookie Season With Her New Partner, CT Tamburello

Amber has had a strong rookie season and is in a great position heading into the final with her new partner, Chris “CT” Tamburello. She didn’t have a chance to showcase her endurance during the daily challenge this episode because she stalled at the first checkpoint, but she showed that she can be a physical threat in two Hall Brawl eliminations thanks to her rugby background. She’s also paired with CT, making the two a well-rounded team thanks to his puzzle-solving skills.

Amber came into Double Agents after a long break from reality TV since her stint on Big Brother 16 back in 2014. She paired up with Darrell Taylor on the first day and the two stayed together, flying mostly under the radar, until Darrell’s elimination against Cory Wharton a few episodes ago. After Darrell went home, she became a rogue agent and was then paired up with Kyle Christie and Fessy Shafaat for one episode each.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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