‘The Challenge’ Star Calls Out Amber Borzotra: ‘Trying to Get Pity From People’

Amber Borzotra

MTV Amber Borzotra

The sixth episode of “The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies” saw an explosive fight erupt between several of the cast members and some of the stars have already provided more context about what went down. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the sixth episode of “Spies, Lies and Allies” which aired on September 15.

During the episode, Amber Borzotra finally confronted Fessy Shafaat over her fellow “Big Brother” alum throwing her into elimination two weeks prior. As the two were arguing, Fessy’s partner Esther Biade interjected and eventually threw her drink in Amber’s face. Josh Martinez then arrived to defend his partner Amber and began yelling at Fessy as things quickly escalated and the episode ended mid-fight.

During “The Challenge Aftermath,” Josh revealed that the tension had been growing for days in the house between him and Fessy and Kaycee Clark. He explained that before, the three best friends were inseparable and spent all their time together but after their blowup in the fourth episode, he and Fessy “didn’t look at each other for a week” and when they passed by each other they wouldn’t even acknowledge the other person.

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On the Aftermath Show, Esther Explained Why She Had an Issue With Amber

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The “Aftermath” host, Devyn Simone, asked Esther why she became so angry with Amber during her discussion with Fessy and the “Big Brother Nigeria” star replied that she felt Amber was lying about the blindside for pity. “I just didn’t like the fact that she was lying,” she told Devyn. “I wasn’t angry at her personally, I don’t have an issue with her but I was angry about the fact that she was lying.”

Amber, who was also present at the aftershow, asked Esther to elaborate on what she was lying about and said the two had never discussed it. Esther said, “Amber, you knew you were going in. You were suspicious that you were likely going in.” She said afterward, Amber kept saying she was blindsided. “You’re trying to get pity from people. If that’s your game, good for you. But it’s not going to work for me, and it speaks so much about the kind of person that you are.”

As Esther was explaining herself, Amber interjected several times to say she didn’t know she was going into elimination.

Amber Defended Herself & Revealed That She Was Upset With Josh for Not Being Upfront With Her

Amber replied to Esther and said she had “no idea” she was going into elimination. She said no one in the house told her she was going in. Amber acknowledged that she was upset with Josh the day of the elimination but it wasn’t because she thought she was going in. She said Corey Lay and Michele Fitzgerald had told Josh that if they won the elimination, Corey would steal Amber as a partner and Michele would choose Josh.

Amber said she wished Josh would have told her their plan. “You’re my partner and I wanna stay with you,” she told Josh at the “Aftermath” show and that’s why she was upset. Josh confirmed that he knew Fessy was planning to put in Amber but he didn’t tell her because he was hoping to change Fessy’s mind and that it wouldn’t happen.

Amber revealed on the “Aftermath” show that she hadn’t talked with Fessy for about a week going into the argument in the sixth episode and the tension had been building between the two for several days. She said while the conversation started because she thought he’d taken her pizza, it quickly escalated into an argument about the infamous blindside.

“The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies” airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on MTV.

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