Double Agents Star Injured in Challenge: ‘I Feel Pain Every Other Day’

The Challenge daily mission

MTV/YouTube Double Agents daily challenge "Mission: Smuggle Run"

The sixth episode of The Challenge: Double Agents featured a “mini final” style of daily challenge that gave fans and cast members a chance to see how teams performed together. The challenge, called “Mission: Smuggle Run,” was a five-mile course with multiple checkpoints that teams had to complete while carrying a heavy capsule. After the episode aired, one of the cast members revealed that they actually picked up an injury during the challenge.

Rookie Amber Martinez, who is paired up with fellow rookie Demetrius “Mechie” Harris, posted a recap of the episode where she revealed that she had a bad fall during the daily mission and it still causes her pain today. She said the injury occurred when they were supposed to climb over a wall using their capsule and she ended up falling on her back.

Their team ended up finishing the challenge in ninth place out of eleven teams, in front of Chris “CT” Tamburello and Tula “Big T” Fazakerley, and Aneesa Ferreira and Fessy Shafaat, who came in last.

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Amber Said She Picked Up the Injury During the Daily Challenge But Didn’t Want to Get Checked Out in Case She Was Sent Home

The Challenge Double Agents Reactions! – Ep. 6#thechallenge We're back with our live reactions to The Challenge with Amber M. herself, cousin Kimmy G & our special guest is back, Max From Are You The One's Season 8! Watch Amber M.'s live reaction to Amber B. breaking their alliance and voting her in. Also find out why Amber and Mechie went from…2021-01-24T01:10:32Z

In Amber’s recap, she described the daily challenge and the obstacle course the competitors had to run through, then said that she got injured during one of the obstacles. She said, “One was the wall which I climbed over and guys I f****** hurt my back. I fell. Like I had to put the tube in the hole and once I stepped on the tube it turned and I fell right on my back on the ground.”

The fall wasn’t highlighted during the episode although Amber said she wished it was shown because it affected her performance on the daily challenge and other challenges. She said she thought she may have to go to the hospital but when Mechie asked if he should get a medic she declined.

She said because two other female competitors were disqualified from competing due to injuries she was worried that if she got checked out she’d have to be disqualified too. Nicole Zanatta and Liv Jawando were both eliminated from the game because of injuries sustained during a daily challenge earlier in the season. Amber said, “I wasn’t gonna be the next girl to go home. And obviously, I’m a partner, I’m thinking about my partner.”

Amber also said her back still hurts today and it feels like there’s something not right with the discs in her back and said, “I feel pain every other day.” She also said Devin Walker saw her fall and asked her afterward if she was okay, that it looked like a really bad fall.

Amber Is on Her Rookie Season & Has Been Having an Impact on the House With Her Alliance

Amber, 25, joined The Challenge for her rookie season after appearing on MTV’s Are You the One? Come One, Come All, which was the dating show’s first sexually fluid season. In an appearance on the Challenge Mania podcast, Amber revealed that she was actually cast as an alternate for Total Madness but there was no opportunity for her to join that season. She was then called back for Double Agents.

At the start of the season, Amber paired up with veteran Nelson Thomas and flew mostly under the radar until the fourth episode, when she was voted into elimination with Nelson. It turned out to be a male elimination day, though, and Nelson was eliminated by Fessy. Afterward, she became paired up with Mechie.

On the Challenge Mania podcast, she said she didn’t have any friends or alliances in the house and only really knew her partner Nelson. However, after he was sent home she said she then joined an alliance with some of the rookies and smaller girls in the house like Big T and Gabby Allen. The group then began having an impact on the game, orchestrating the elimination matchup of Tori Deal vs. Aneesa.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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