The Challenge Veteran Says Double Agents Was ‘Least Fun Challenge’

Double Agents

MTV The Challenge: Double Agents

There are two seasons of The Challenge airing simultaneously, with the 36th season of the original show Double Agents airing on MTV on Wednesday nights while the OGs spinoff All Stars is released on the streaming service Paramount Plus on Thursdays. The two shows have completely different vibes, with the original show now much more focused on the athletic and competitive side while the All Stars spinoff so far appears to put just as much weight on the fun, nostalgic aspect of the competition.

In a recent appearance on Challenge Mania with co-hosts Scott Yager and Derrick Kosinski, Aneesa said that the Double Agents season had “sucked the fun out” of the MTV show and appearing on All Stars reminded her that it can be really fun and exciting to film a Challenge.

She said that while she likes that the two versions of The Challenge are different, the original one on MTV and the spinoff show on Paramount Plus, Aneesa said she doesn’t think they should be so dissimilar that viewers will only like one and not both and the shows could learn a bit from each other.

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Aneesa Said Filming All Stars Was A Lot of Fun, Especially Compared to Double Agents, Which Was Her ‘Least Fun Challenge’

When speaking with Scott and Derrick, Aneesa said All Stars “was an amazing experience and I’m so happy that we got the chance to do it. I wouldn’t doubt if there’s a part two of this.” She also said, “I definitely think one show could learn from the other, I’m not gonna tell you which one yet.”

Aneesa said she found it strange that All Stars premiered before Double Agents even ended as the spinoff show may have diverted some of the attention from Double Agents. She explained, “I think that people have wanted to see OGs and people that haven’t been on for so long. People want that nostalgic feeling.”

She then said, “It used to be fun, I’ll tell you, Double Agents was not fun. It’s probably my least fun Challenge that I’ve ever done.” She told Derrick:

You were there on All Stars, it just felt different and I think the Challenge is kind of missing that feel-good fun part cause people are so cutthroat and they lie and I get it, it’s for money, but like, we’re still trying to make it fun and it’s almost like Double Agents had sucked the fun out of the show and then All Stars came back in to be like hey, hey, it’s still a good time, watch what we can do.

The Veteran Was Recently Eliminated From ‘The Challenge: Double Agents’ Shortly Before the Final

Aneesa was sent home a couple of episodes ago when she faced Tula “Big T” Fazakerley in the Fire Escape elimination. Her elimination came in the last few episodes before the final challenge, which has happened several times to Aneesa in her 14-season run on the show.

The 39-year-old first appeared on The Challenge for Battle of the Sexes in 2002 after The Real World: Chicago and has competed consistently on the show since then, making it to the final twice, on The Gauntlet 2 and The Duel II. She is one of only two Challenge cast members who appeared on both Double Agents as well as All Stars, alongside Darrell Taylor, who was eliminated the week before Aneesa.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV and new episodes of The Challenge: All Stars drop on Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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