Ashley Mitchell Reacts to Co-Star’s Claims, Slams Cast Members as ‘Fake’

Ashley Mitchell

MTV Ashley Mitchell

The last episode of “The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies” saw the start of the veteran war and it was certainly explosive, with some vets of the show firing shots at each other during the mission and at nominations. One of the bigger showdowns was between Cory Wharton and Ashley Mitchell in nominations as both those vets and their rookie partners were on the chopping block.

Ashley’s good friend Amanda Garcia and Cory’s close ally Nelson Thomas also got involved and the fight quickly became messy and personal as Ashley was accused of being untrustworthy because of the infamous moment on “Final Reckoning” when she took all the money from Hunter Barfield, Cory and Nelson’s friend. Nelson said even though Amanda put herself in elimination to save Ashley that season, Ashley only sent Amanda a $500 gift card.

After the episode aired, Ashley took to Twitter to clear things up about the argument. “Amanda would never let me give her money even if I tried,” she said. “I never gave her a gift card.” Ashley also said Amanda sacrificed herself for her and Hunter but it wasn’t her choice that Ashley didn’t split the money. Ashley specified that she bought several gifts for Amanda’s baby when she gave birth. “If [Amanda] needed anything. A vote, money, to bury a body. She already knows Im always here.”

Amanda, who is also friends with Nelson, tweeted, “so dumb for making up that $500 gift card s*** I can’t evennnnnn stop trying to save your best friend HE GOIN IN BYEEEEEEE.”

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Ashley Said She Hates That Everyone Is Nice to Her Face But Speaks Badly About Her in Interviews

Ashley also wrote on social media that she was struggling with the negative comments from her cast members who are always very nice to her face. “One thing that hits me hard is the people saying how much they love me, how they are glad I’m near them [because] I keep them laughing & smiling, so quickly act like I’m just a threat and not a friend in interviews,” she wrote on Twitter.

“That hurts so so much. Literally very few people can understand,” she continued. “Everyone checks on me after the show. During the show personally tell me ‘i love you girl’, then vote be or even worse talk bad about me in interviews. I’m not sure many persons have ever felt that weirdness.” She later said, “I hate watching [the show]. I see people who say they love me to my face act like my tits. FAKKKKEEEEEEEEE.”

Amanda also commented on the fact that Ashley was called untrustworthy because she wears snake earrings, writing sarcastically on Twitter, “OH GODDDDDDD ALERT ALERT DONT WEAR SNAKE EARRINGS! ITS CLEARLY A REPRESENTATION OF WHO YOU ARE AS A PERSON.”

Several Veterans Made It Clear This Episode That They Want to Target Champs

During the ninth episode, several of the veterans made it clear that their next target would be veteran champs, with Nany Gonzalez clearly saying this season that she wants a veteran non-champ to win while Devin Walker told Cory that was his goal as well. There are two champs left in the game now after Amber Borzotra’s elimination: Ashley and CT Tamburello.

However, the only champs targeted so far have been the female champs, Ashley and Amber. Ashley was frequently mentioned as an option for the house vote while Amber was thrown into elimination for being the reigning champ. CT, who so far has four impressive “Challenge” wins including “Double Agents” last season against nearly all the veterans still in the house, has continued to fly under the radar.

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