Ashley Mitchell Reveals She ‘Went Off’ on the Cast After Elimination

Ashley Mitchell

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Fans had to say goodbye to two-time champ Ashley Mitchell for the second time during last week’s episode of The Challenge: Double Agents after she was eliminated from the game once again, but she revealed this week in a podcast appearance that she had some parting words for her cast members.

In an appearance on the Reality NSFW podcast, she said that both times she got sent in and eliminated, first against Natalie Anderson and then again against Kam Williams, she gave a parting speech to her castmates and did not hold back. She said, “I gave some f****** crazy-a** Ashley speeches.”

She said, “I told everyone, I was like ‘Y’all are worried about me winning a million dollars, which I get taxed on, and this b**** up here is married to a pro NFL player she’s got millions in the bank,'” she said, referring to Theresa Jones’ husband, NFL wide receiver TJ Jones.

She told the podcast hosts that she also told her cast mates, “What the f*** is your problem? Oh because you ‘need it more than me’? That b**** don’t need it more than me. What the f*** are you doing following behind her like little f****** puppets.” She said, “I went off and I literally called people out one by one.”

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She Also Had Strong Words About Theresa During Her Exit Interview Following Her Elimination

The Challenge also released a video showing Ashley’s last words after her elimination, which were said during an interview right after Kam beat her in the “Dead Ringer” elimination. In that segment, Ashley said she wasn’t used to losing two eliminations in a row like that. She spoke about how her main issue with the elimination was getting the ring off her hooks and that’s why she struggled so much.

She then said at least she lost to “Killa Kam” who has an amazing record, as well as Natalie Anderson in her first elimination, two incredibly strong female competitors. She said, “I mean if I have to go out, I’d like to go out to a f****** beast and not be a p**** like the rest of these people back here.”

She also had some parting shots for Theresa, who voted Kam into elimination to face Ashley. The two-time champ said, “I’m really surprised that Theresa said that she wanted to come down here against a strong competitor cause she wasn’t playing scared, but honey that b**** must be faker than these tits because she’s obviously terrified.”

Ashley Was Eliminated Twice This Season Because She Came Into the House to Replace Natalie Anderson

Ashley was initially eliminated in the first episode of the show when she was put into a matchup against Survivor’s Natalie Anderson. However, because two female competitors were eliminated due to injuries and Natalie herself had to withdraw from the game for personal reasons, producers called Ashley back into the house and paired her up with Natalie’s partner Cory Wharton.

In an interview with Heavy after her first elimination to Natalie, Ashley said she wasn’t planning on retiring from the show anytime soon because her goal is to become the most successful female competitor in the franchise. She said although she’s won more money than any other female cast member, she also wants to get the record for most Challenge wins:

There are girls that have won three times, even though they have not won as much money as me, and that’s one of my main goals. I definitely want to be the girl who’s won the most times, three times with the most money. I mean, four times would be great, but I am getting older. I definitely want to be the girl that has won the most.

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