Ashley Mitchell Slams MTV: ‘I Deserve More’

Ashley Mitchell MTV

MTV Ashley Mitchell

A two-time champion and regular competitor on MTV’s The Challenge, Ashley Mitchell, took to Twitter on Monday to voice her displeasure with MTV. Mitchell tweeted a series of comments about the brand, most of which have now been deleted, saying, “You can tell MTV don’t like me. [Bunim/Murray Productions] maybe but MTV…. lol they hate me.” She added, “Never been on a poster. Never do promos. Never nothing. When I’m the one with the most confessionals. The one who’s nicest to production/crew… I don’t understand what I’ve done.”

She went on to say, “Let me tell you. I love [Bunim/Murray Productions]. They have a huge female crew/production. I think they are amazing but why…. Why don’t I get what I deserve. I think after all this money I deserve more.” She wrote, “I don’t understand. When you give someone everything they should give something back,” and added, “My someone is mtv.”

Ashley Mitchell MTV

TwitterA screengrab of Mitchell’s tweets

Ashley Mitchell MTV

TwitterA screengrab of Mitchell’s tweets.

In response to a fan who suggested that she should have aligned herself with Bananas and she could have become the female face of The Challenge, Mitchell responded, “I should never have to align myself with any man to grow my popularity or place on the show.”

Mitchell Also Spoke Out About The Challenge’s Workout Collaboration With Barry’s

On November 30, MTV announced a partnership with Barry’s in preparation for the premiere of Double Agents, Us Weekly reported. Barry’s will be hosting seven Challenge-themed classes hosted by various cast members who will also hold Q&A sessions after the workout. The Challenge participants were announced as Survivor winner and Challenge rookie Natalie Anderson, Nany Gonzalez, Nelson Thomas, Tori Deal and Cory Wharton.

Mitchell responded to The Challenge‘s tweet announcing the partnership and said, “Lol why didn’t yall invite me?! Oh because I don’t train and still beat them. That’s right. I forgot.” One fan wrote about the series, “Was king Darrell not available or fessy or anyone else like who tf want work out advice from Ryder’s dad,” referring to Wharton. Jemmye Carroll responded to that tweet and said, “ALSO. @rachel_fitness is a former challenge champ & one of the most popular instructors in the @BarrysBootcamp franchise .. She should have been included in this..” Mitchell also retweeted that exchange.

Mitchell posted a tweet, now-deleted, which read: “I literally work out five times a week and I have no understanding of why Mtv acts like I am just amazingly good at endurance I’m so confused.”

Mitchell Won 2 Seasons of ‘The Challenge’ & Is Returning for Her 8th Season

Mitchell will be appearing on The Challenge: Double Agents, her eighth season on the show since her debut on Rivals III. After her Challenge debut, Mitchell returned for Invasion of the Champions, which she won, followed by XXX: Dirty 30 and then Final Reckoning, which she also won.

Mitchell’s more notable win was on Final Reckoning when she won the final with her partner, Hunter Barfield. However, because individuals also earned points on their own instead of as a team, the individual with the most points on the winning team could decide to take all the prize money for themselves or split it with their partner. Mitchell won and in a shocking Challenge moment, she decided to take the $1 million for herself rather than split it with Barfield.

Mitchell and Barfield were forced to work together during the season and they didn’t really get along. They managed to work together well enough to win the season but after her victory, Mitchell said Barfield had belittled her and “also threatened my life and my family’s life.” She said she didn’t feel bad for keeping the money.

Following that dramatic season, Mitchell returned for War of the Worlds and War of the Worlds 2 and made it to the final challenge of the latter season. She appeared on last season, Total Madness, but was eliminated in the fourth episode. The Challenge: Double Agents premieres on December 9 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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