‘The Challenge’ Alum Won’t Return, Says They Were ‘Depressed the Whole Time’

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One “Challenge” competitor who made a splash her rookie season has just told fans that they do not intend on returning to the show. Bayleigh Dayton, who appeared with her husband Chris “Swaggy C” Williams on “Total Madness,” made the comments during an Instagram Q&A about her time on reality TV.

Bayleigh debuted on “The Challenge” after first appearing on “Big Brother 20” where she finished 11th place. She also finished 12th on “Big Brother 22” but her best reality TV result undoubtedly came on “The Challenge: Total Madness” where she made it to the final. Unfortunately for the reality TV star, she suffered a torn ACL during the first part of the grueling final and was unable to complete the final challenge.

During her Q&A this week, Bayleigh confirmed that she wasn’t planning on returning due to the effect the show was having on her mental health.

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Bayleigh Recently Said She Won’t Return to ‘The Challenge’ Because Reality TV Competition Isn’t Healthy for Her

In her Instagram Q&A, a fan asked if she would return to the popular MTV competition show and she replied, “I get this all the time and let me just be blunt. No, I don’t think I’ll do ‘The Challenge’ again only just because it was a miserable first experience and even though I did go really far I was depressed the whole time.”

In a subsequent clip, Bayleigh explained in more detail her reasoning behind her decision not to return: “Reality TV is not good for your mental health, and also the goal on ‘The Challenge’ is to win a million dollars, and I already have that, so I’d rather keep my peace.” Here is the clip:

She then added that she’s not against appearing on other reality shows because she does like some, but competition shows are unhealthy for her. “I do want to clear this up, though, because I am not against reality TV, I love reality TV,” Bayleigh explained. “It’s amazing, but competition reality TV’s not healthy for me cause I’m crazy as heck when I’m in competitions and that’s not OK, but I’ll be doing the Housewives or reality something.”

In a previous video after “Total Madness,” Bayleigh expressed similar sentiments and said, “Now that the show is kind of done, I just feel not interested anymore.” She continued, “I’d rather live in peace, I’d rather make money in peace, I don’t care if not a soul knows who I am, as long as we’re taken care of and we’re happy I’m okay.” At the time, Bayleigh announced that she had decided to retire from reality TV.

Bayleigh & Her Husband Swaggy C Are Now Focusing on Other Projects

Bayleigh previously announced her retirement from reality TV in an Instagram post that stated she wanted to focus on other projects and take her career in another direction. However, she said she enjoyed her time on reality TV and thanked her fans for their support.

“I just want to say thank you to all of my reality tv fans,” she wrote on October 28, 2020. “This has been a ride to remember and I couldn’t have made it without you all. These last 2 years have been incredible to me. I’ve met my husband, been on TV continuously for the past 2 years, and I am living the life of my dreams.”

“But, I think it’s time to join my husband and officially bow out,” she said, referencing Swaggy C’s decision to step away from reality TV also. “I’m 100 percent done with reality TV. The @bigbrothercbs & @challengemtv producers have been nothing but great to me but it’s time for me to grow in my career and in my life. I do believe I will be back on tv in a different capacity and I truly would love it if you all continued to support me in my future endeavors. I love you all SO MUCH!”

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