Nelson Thomas Called Out By ‘The Challenge’ Costar for ‘Messy Behavior’

The Challenge Spies Lies and Allies

MTV/Facebook Nelson Thomas in a preview video for 'The Challenge: Spies Lies and Allies'

It’s safe to say that the drama in “The Challenge” world has been on a different level than the past season after just two episodes, with the second episode involving a blowup between Ashley Mitchell and Nelson Thomas and Berna Canbeldek. Nelson found himself in hot water when he went back and forth between Berna and Ashley on “Spies, Lies and Allies” and Berna has just spoken up about the situation and getting blasted by Ashley.

Berna joined an Instagram Live chat with Corey Lay and Michaela Bradshaw after the second episode aired and told them she had no idea Nelson and Ashley were friends with benefits going into the show. “For me, it was just so weird… to see how the thing went down with Ashley and Nelson,” she said. “Everything felt a bit weird because… in that house, I remember I did not know about them at all. I asked Nelson and he told me that they got nothing to do with each other but being friends so it was so crazy to hear that he knew the whole time but I did not know.”

Corey L. agreed with Berna and said the whole situation made him feel “uncomfortable” because Nelson went straight from Berna to Ashley’s bed and then went from one woman to the other in the club. He added, “Why is Ashley going off on you when Nelson is the person talking to two women?”

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Berna Said It Was Wrong on Nelson’s Part But Ashley Should Have Handled the Situation Better

Berna agreed with Corey L. that the situation was “so, so wrong” and Nelson should not have been going back and forth between two women. However, she added, “at the same time Ashley is old enough and me too… Ashley knew that he talks to her so her job should have been to come to me and talk about it and not bully me for it, it makes no sense.”

Her co-star Corey L. said that Ashley should not have made Berna out to be the “villain” in the situation because that was “immature.” Berna reiterated that she had no idea and she was shocked that Nelson brought her into the drama which was something she never wanted.

“It feels weird,” she added. “Because I trusted him so much.” At one point, Berna left the Instagram Live because she said she was receiving a call from Nelson and she was looking forward to hearing what he had to say about the situation. She did not rejoin the Live so fans will have to wait and see if either of them addresses the situation later on or at the reunion.

Berna Also Addressed the Episode on Social Media & Got Into a Dispute With Ashley

Berna also addressed the episode on Twitter and wrote, “I just watched the beginning from the second episode again.. wow what a messy behavior… I feel [sick emoji]!!!! That’s so uncool. And I’m not talking about A. You can breathe.”

The tweet was screenshotted and distributed on Twitter and although Berna wrote that she wasn’t talking about “A,” presumably Ashley, the two-time champ replied to the post and quoted Nicki Minaj lyrics, insinuating that she gave Berna some screen time and headlines and she should be thankful:

Berna replied, “Nobody needs your dirty press. Just as you, people work hard for their goals. Gosh, you really are this person. #meltdownforwhat.”

Berna also addressed Ashley and Amanda calling her Bertha during the episode and in Instagram Lives since then, calling it “disrespectful.” She said, “This is a sign of ignorance and disrespecting and that’s what I don’t like.” Corey L. and Michaela both agreed that it was “trash” to purposefully call someone by a different name.

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