The Challenge Star Accuses Finalist of ‘Poor Sportsmanship’

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The Challenge: All Stars‘ seventh episode was recently released on Paramount Plus and it saw a lot of tensions rise between some of the cast members. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the seventh episode of The Challenge: All Stars, which dropped on Paramount Plus on May 13.

The episode featured an exciting daily challenge won by Mark Long and Kellyanne Judd, while Jisela Delgado and Eric “Big Easy” Banks came in last place and were sent directly into the Arena. A major storyline throughout the episode was the fracture of Jisela and Aneesa Ferreira’s friendship as the latter went back on her word to vote in Yes Duffy and chose Nehemiah Clark for elimination.

Since the episode aired, several contestants have confirmed Jisela’s claims that Aneesa had promised to vote for Yes and did the opposite, putting in Nehemiah instead, incuding both Nehemiah and Kellyanne during an Instagram Live. Beth Stolarczyk, who was eliminated two episodes prior, also spoke out against Aneesa following the episode.

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Beth Slammed Aneesa After the Veteran Said During ‘All Stars’ That She Wouldn’t Compete in Elimination

After the seventh episode aired, Beth tweeted, “Aneesa=poor sportsmanship.” When a fan replied asking Beth not to argue with another “legend,” Beth added, “I’m not arguing. Aneesa threatened to quit. No growth over her challenge career. #facts.”

One fan pointed out that Beth quit in the past rather than face Aneesa in elimination, during the 13th episode of The Gauntlet II when the two were set to face in Beach Brawl. In response to the comment, Beth said, “I quit because I was getting bullied by Aneesa. She was calling me old,fat, and ugly. I was not going to give her the opportunity to put her hands on me and possibly punch me. I’m the same exact size for 30 years.”

She said in another tweet, “Aneesa was a bully. I can only take so much of her threatening me and calling me old fat and ugly. I quit another time because I got bullied by Rachel Veronica and Tina. They manipulated Tonya into throwing my belongings in the pool so I quit.”

Beth Recently Said She Confronted Aneesa During the Show Over Aneesa’s Past Comments to Her

Beth’s comments about Aneesa have come after the 52-year-old said the two competitors discussed their past differences on the show and made some progress. Beth has been outspoken about the fact that Aneesa used to call her “old, fat and ugly” on past seasons of the show and how the bullying hurt her.

Going into All Stars, Beth revealed that she was “nervous” to see Aneesa because of that “unfinished business.” In another interview, she clarified, “[Aneesa] did not like me in the past, and she was one who used to call me old, fat, and ugly; how’s that gonna work out?”

After she was eliminated from the show, Beth shared on Instagram Live that she’d actually spoken to Aneesa about their past and it didn’t make the final edit. She explained that she pulled Aneesa aside and told her that she felt bullied by her and that Aneesa’s words had affected her. She concluded her Live by saying that she thought the two made progress and reached some peace but more work could be done to repair the situation.

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