Beth Stolarczyk Backs Costar After Online Feud With Aneesa Ferreira

Aneesa Ferreira Beth Stolarczyk

Instagram Aneesa Ferreira and Beth Stolarczyk

The latest beef on social media between stars of “The Challenge” took place this week when Ruthie Alcaide called out Aneesa Ferreira for having “negative energy” during “All Stars” and for constantly lying about their interactions together. After Ruthie confronted Aneesa, some of her costars expressed their support for the “Real World: Hawaii” star, including Beth Stolarczyk.

A clip of an argument the two had on “The Challenge: All Stars” was shared on an Instagram fan page and Ruthie blasted Aneesa in the comments. She argued that the clip didn’t show everything and said Aneesa had been following her around the house all night as she tried to “find peace” and “AVOID you and your negative energy.” She wrote, “Stop with the lies. You do the same thing as usual.” She also accused Aneesa of threatening her and told fans that Aneesa said she’d “ruin” Ruthie in her interviews.

Ruthie also asked Aneesa to “stop lying about not f****** people over. You’ve done it and there is proof.” She said fans could watch “The Duel II” to see what she was talking about and again accused the veteran “Challenge” star of lying. Aneesa originally commented on the Instagram post but later deleted her comments, although one in which she told Ruthie the argument was “silly” was captured in a screenshot and shared to Reddit.

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Beth Wrote That She Was ‘Team Ruthie’ & Accused Aneesa of Hurting Other People

A separate Instagram “Challenge” gossip account shared the interaction between Aneesa and Ruthie and Beth used the comments section to express her support for her “All Stars” castmate. Beth wrote, “Team Ruthie! Keep speaking your truth! Don’t let Aneesa try and silence you. She tries to silence me and it’s not going to happen! Aneesa has done MANY things to hurt other people.”

Although Beth didn’t elaborate on what Aneesa had done to try to silence her as well, she has opened up in the past about how the veteran reality star “bullied” her in the past. Prior to appearing on “All Stars,” Beth said in an interview, “[Aneesa] did not like me in the past, and she was one who used to call me old, fat, and ugly.”

Beth also explained that the two had a discussion about this on the show but it didn’t make the final edit. At the time, Beth said she felt the two had made progress but that there was still a long way to go for the competitors.

In Addition to Beth, Jisela Also Supported Ruthie in Her Comments of the Video & Again in Reply to Beth’s Comments

Beth wasn’t the only “All Stars” cast member to publicly support her costar as finalist Jisela Delgado also came to Ruthie’s defense. The “Road Rules: The Quest” cast member had a public falling out with Aneesa during the season and at the time, she said she was moving on from “toxic” friendships.

After Ruthie called out Aneesa, Jisela replied to her comment and wrote, “[Ruthie] tell your truth. Don’t let anyone Gaslight you.” Then, when Beth commented on the exchange on the Instagram account that shared the screenshot, Jisela also replied to that post and wrote, “Louder for the people in the baaaaaccckkkk @bethsrealworld !!”

It’s clear by Jisela’s comments that she and her costar Aneesa have not mended their friendship, which blew up on “All Stars” when Jisela accused Aneesa of betraying her to further her own game. According to the reality star, that was a storyline she’d specifically asked Aneesa not to involve her in before the show started.

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