‘The Challenge’ Finalist Slams Haters: ‘Shut Everyone Up’

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The popular and well-received season of “The Challenge: All Stars” has come to a close, with the exception of the reunion show, and all nine episodes are now on Paramount Plus. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the entire season of “The Challenge: All Stars” including the winner of the show.

The final challenge was very similar to a final on a regular show, which meant the remaining contestants had to endure long runs, several checkpoints including puzzles, and an overnight and eating challenge. Yes Duffy surprised many fans by beating the other competitors and winning the first season, followed by Darrell Taylor in second and Kellyanne Judd and Jonna Mannion coming in tied in third place.

After the final episode aired, Eric “Big Easy” Banks took to social media to address the final and provide his thoughts on his performance.

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Big Easy Said He Waited a Long Time to Be Able to Finish a Final & He Did It for Himself

Big Easy wrote on Instagram that it was really important for him to make the final and finish it: “A wise man once said a picture is worth a 1,000 words,” he wrote. “However no words needed here! I set out to prove something to myself, something that no one can seem to let go. An average everyday dude showing up to put in work amongst beasts! I may not win every battle but you’ll remember the SOB that got ahold of you!”

He then addressed a now-infamous moment of the only time he made the final, on “The Gauntlet III.” In that final challenge, things didn’t turn out the way Big Easy planned and he was medically disqualified from the final challenge after dehydration caused him to collapse.

Big Easy wrote, “I’ve waited 15 years to shut everyone up, and now maybe @mtv can find another clip(we know they won’t). I finished this final for ME! For all the dudes that can still hustle and may not look like the chosen few! I’m the independent variable, I’m Big Easy!”

Big Easy Referenced a Notorious Moment in His ‘The Challenge’ Career, in the Final of ‘The Gauntlet III’

Big Easy used a couple of photos of himself in his Instagram post, with one of them a shot of himself walking up the mountain in Argentina heading to cross the finish line. The other picture showed Big Easy in the midst of his dehydration collapse on “The Gauntlet III.”

He also followed that up by sharing a screenshot of one of his supporters who said, “I never understood how much s*** Eric got for the infamous final. The man literally went until his body DIED. Many a man and woman gave up in finals way before Eric crashed. So let’s be clear. He didn’t quit. And he didn’t fail. It’s obvious he gave his absolute everything. So very happy to witness this final turn out in a way that gives him some happiness.”

His “Challenge” co-stars seemed to agree as well, as Derrick Kosinski wrote, “Proud of you bud,” while Beth Stolarczyk wrote, “Great game! You did it.” Syrus Yarbrough told Big Easy that he was “so proud” of him. “Man I’m so proud of the man that I got to know and love,” he wrote. “I have never doubted your heart. Ur a real dude capable of extraordinary things. It’s ur time now bro!”

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