The Challenge Fan Favorite on CT Tamburello: ‘I Feel Embarrassed’

Chris CT Tamburello

MTV Chris "CT" Tamburello

This week’s episode of The Challenge: Double Agents saw a massive dramatic twist as Chris “CT” Tamburello left his partner Tula “Big T” Fazakerley for Kam Williams. Although many cast members and fans agreed that CT made a good game move by switching partners, the way he announced the switch shocked everyone and led to major fallout in the house.

Big T was understandably upset and her confidence shaken and it resulted in an argument later in the episode as CT explained his decision and defended himself. After the episode aired, Big T appeared on the aftershow, The Challenge: Double Agents Aftermath, and shared her thoughts on the blindside and fallout and said she still feels humiliated by it to this day.

Host Devyn Simone asked Big T how she feels about the situation today and the Shipwrecked star answered, “Thinking back on it now, like I just still feel really embarrassed about it, because it was a very humiliating moment.” She continued:

I feel embarrassed that I put so much trust into someone in the game like that because Kam and so many of the girls were coming up to me being like, ‘Big T he’s going to switch you’ I was like ‘don’t talk about CT like that, he’s told me he’s not switching partners.’ If he wants to do that he knows he can tell me that, that’s fine. So that’s why I feel embarrassed about it, I should have listened to everyone.

Big T Also Revealed That She Thought CT Was Joking at First

Big T Shares Candid Thoughts On Being Blindsided By CT 😱 The Challenge: Double AgentsCT left Big T fuming after breaking her trust blindsiding her with being replaced by Kam. Watch The Challenge After show host Devyn Simone get the latest episode scoop here 📛 #TheChallenge #MTV Subscribe to The Challenge: After the chaos of total madness, The Challenge: Double Agents returns the series to a partners game,…2021-03-04T02:30:00Z

Big T said her first reaction was complete shock and startlement and the first thing that went through her head is that she thought it was a joke: “I was looking at him just waiting for him to be like ‘I’m joking.'” She said she couldn’t believe it was truly happening but when it finally sank in she was really angry.

Big T said she was “fuming” and felt really betrayed because he’d been her partner for so long and through so many episodes. She explained:

I put a lot of my trust into this person. This person’s been a massive support to me. I’ve trusted him in what I feel are dangerous and scary situations doing challenges, of course I trust this person with everything and what they say. So yeah I was very disappointed, I was so angry.

Big T also told CT the same thing during the episode when CT pulled Big T aside for a chat by the campfire. The fan-favorite team had been great to watch throughout the season with the two coming up with names for each other — Big T was “Hawk” and CT was “Bunny” — and CT’s support and encouragement of Big T during challenges, particularly those with heights, warmed viewers’ hearts.

Most recently, the two won the daily challenge in episode 11 and Big T pulled out a strong showing to ensure the team finished with the fastest time. Even that challenge had a touching moment between the two when they were on the speedboat heading toward the ropes and CT grabbed Big T’s hand. Fans will have to wait and see if the two will be able to work through this sometime in the future.

CT Recently Said Big T ‘Really Helped’ Him on ‘The Challenge’

A few weeks ago, CT was interviewed on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast by co-hosts Tori Deal and Aneesa Ferreira and revealed that having Big T as a partner really helped his game. He said, “To me, she’s really doing more for me than I’m doing for her. I feel like I’ve kind of been recluse, I guess, or introverted.” CT said that having Big T as a partner helped him to develop connections and get to know the newer cast members.

He explained that the Shipwrecked star helped him adapt to the “new style” of The Challenge. CT recalled his time on Final Reckoning when he was partners with Veronica Portillo and said, “I’m not proud of the way I was a teammate with her. I learned from that. If I had given Veronica the same sort of encouragement that I give Big T, I bet ya things would’ve ended up differently.”

The Challenge: Double Agents airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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