‘The Challenge’ Star Speaks Out About CT Tamburello’s Behavior on Season 37

CT Tamburello

MTV CT Tamburello in the trailer for 'Spies, Lies and Allies'

Fans of “The Challenge” saw an amazing partnership develop between CT Tamburello and Tula “Big T” Fazakerley last season on “Double Agents,” where the two complemented each other well and even found cute nicknames for each other. However, their duo didn’t last as CT took the opportunity to switch partners after winning his elimination on the 36th season and made a big, over-the-top announcement about dropping Big T to take Kam Williams.

It seemed as though the two hashed it out later and put it behind them as it wasn’t mentioned on “Spies, Lies and Allies” and the two were caught chatting and dancing together on the show. CT’s confessionals tell a different story, however, as the four-time champ has been a bit critical of Big T on a couple of different occasions.

When the competitors were choosing their teams a couple of episodes ago, CT made it clear in his confessionals that he didn’t want her to be on his team, Sapphire, and in-person he told her to choose Ruby. The following week, during the heights-over-water challenge, CT called up at her to jump and save herself time.

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Big T Answered a Q&A on Her Instagram About CT’s Confessionals Regarding Her

Big T addressed CT’s comments in a recent Q&A on her Instagram, where she was asked, “Thoughts on CT’s confessionals about you this season??” Big T replied, “I look for consistency in my friendships/interactions with people. Without consistency people can get upset because they don’t know where they stand.”

She continued, “I don’t believe there is any need to act like someone’s biggest cheerleader when in actuality, [you’re] not.”

Many fans also pointed out some of CT’s less than encouraging confessionals regarding Big T, with one person writing, “I don’t like how CT stay coming for Big T’s neck. Leave her alone. Bully. #TheChallenge37.” Another said, “Turned off by the way CT treats Big T. #TheChallenge37” Yet another wrote, “I hate how ct always goes out of his way to downplay big t like stfu.”

Big T Previously Spoke About Feeling ‘Embarrassed’ By CT’s Move to Switch Partners on ‘Double Agents’

Big T and CT had a tricky relationship on “Double Agents” as they started by winning over the hearts of the “Challenge” fandom due to their adorable partnership. Later in the season, however, things changed drastically as CT won his elimination and decided to leave Big T for Kam. The move wasn’t necessarily one that would have been criticized but the way he announced his decision was a jaw-dropping moment on the show.

As he stood next to Big T in the elimination Crater, CT called out repeatedly that he wanted to be with Kam and was so excited to switch to her. Later in the show, Big T and CT had a major confrontation about the way he handled the situation, and the “Challenge” legend eventually admitted that he regretted his impulsive move.

Big T said she felt “really embarrassed” about what happened and continued to feel that way even after the show, describing it as a “very humiliating moment.” She said, “I put a lot of my trust into this person. This person’s been a massive support to me. I’ve trusted him in what I feel are dangerous and scary situations doing challenges, of course I trust this person with everything and what they say. So yeah I was very disappointed, I was so angry.”

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