Brad Fiorenza & Ex-Wife Tori Gwinn in Social Media Dispute: ‘Sit Down’

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Facebook Tori Gwinn and Brad Fiorenza

Former “Challenge” couple Brad Fiorenza and Tori Gwinn (nee Hall) have had a rocky road since their split, especially regarding the custody of their children, and their issues spilled over onto social media this week. It wasn’t the first time the two clashed publicly, as Brad accused Tori of “child abuse” and turning their kids against him in 2019, Us Weekly reported.

Brad’s comments this week about his ex-wife came after Tori addressed “The Challenge: All Stars” reunion and defended Kendal Sheppard, who was not invited but was criticized at the reunion. During the reunion, Kendal was called out by some of her co-stars, including Jemmye Carroll and Jisela Delgado, who accused Kendal of being “scatterbrained when she gets nervous.”

Jemmye said her problem with Kendal was that she had a “Twitter campaign to get back on the show” for years but when she was cast she acted like she wasn’t sure how the show worked. After watching the reunion, Tori chimed in on social media to defend her friend, which is what appeared to set off her ex Brad.

Tori and Brad met on “The Challenge: The Gauntlet III” and tied the knot two years later, in 2010. Their marriage lasted a few years and they had two sons together before separating in 2015 and formally divorcing in 2016. When Brad accused Tori of “child abuse” in 2019, she told Us Weekly, “I will always encourage the boys to have a relationship with their dad. Always. To say otherwise is simply untrue.”

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Tori Posted a Series of Tweets Supporting Kendal & Referring to Her as an ‘Amazing Human’

Tori posted about the “All Stars” reunion on June 3, writing, “Watched 10 minutes of the #challengeallstars reunion and had to turn it off…I’ve been quiet all season, but I will say this…If I was there, it would not have gone down like that. @KendalSheppard is one of the most amazing humans, in ‘real life’ where it matters.” She added:

You attack somebody’s game play…fine, it’s what we sign up for…you attack somebody’s character for jumping off a platform wrong…then we can bring up all your ‘character flaws’ cause I can promise you, most people on that stage wish their biggest flaw was jumping off wrong.

She also said she still speaks with Kendal every day and praised her friend for never saying anything bad about her co-stars despite how she was treated on the show and what they said about her. “She is rare,” Tori concluded.

Brad Replied Slamming His Ex-Wife & Sharing a Screenshot of Something She Wrote Criticizing Him

Brad took issue with Tori’s comments and the following day slammed his ex-wife on social media, sharing a screenshot of her tweets and writing:

CANCEL: ‘amazing humans’ blah blah blah You refuse court ordered visitation & distance sons from their father. You make dishonest statements w/o shame. Too much. Kendall had a decent season after years of attacking people online. Who cares. I NEVER missed a payment. Sit down.

He also shared another screenshot of what appeared to be an Instagram message from a third, unknown person sending Brad a screenshot of something Tori said to them. While the initial message from the online troll is unavailable, Tori appeared to reply to the conversation by saying, “Lol I’m married, you are a special kind of stupid to think I want a dude who lives in a 600sqft shack in the woods and doesn’t support his kids. F*** off and leave me alone.”

The individual sent Brad that screenshot along with a comment about him not supporting his kids, which is likely what Brad was referring to when he tweeted that he “never missed a payment.”

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