Camila Nakagawa Responds to Leroy Garrett’s Video About Racism on ‘Dirty 30’

Leroy Garrett Camila Nakagawa

MTV Leroy Garrett and Camila Nakagawa

This week, Leroy Garrett spoke out about his experience on “The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30″ several years ago when he was on the receiving end of a racist rant from Camila Nakagawa in which she referred to the color of his skin while verbally attacking him. Soon after he posted the video on Instagram, Camila went on Instagram Live to speak out.

Leroy’s video outlined how he felt in the moment about Camila’s comments and he also criticized the producers for not only allowing her to stay on the show but for not intervening when it happened. He also spoke about the lasting impact that had on him and how much it weighed on him that he didn’t speak up about it before.

In his video, he called on MTV to do better, pointing out that the network still followed Camila on Instagram (it has since unfollowed her):

The fact that this girl went on a whole racist rant and was violent towards me, you guys allow her to stay on the show … and she won, and she won all the money.

So you basically rewarded her for being racist and being violent, that makes no sense, I’ve seen people get sent home for less. So what is it about her or what is it about me that made you not care about what happened to me?

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Camila Responded to Leroy’s Video & Said She Was Taking ‘Anti-Racism Courses’

Shortly after Leroy posted his video, Camila went on Instagram Live with her reaction (clips of it have been saved courtesy of the Challengeteaa Instagram account). “I do not condone racism,” she said. “If there is anything in your eyes that I can be doing better, I ask you to please tell me. Because you can judge me all you want, that’s fine. That’s everybody’s choice. But I would actually like to take action and do something positive.”

She said she was taking “anti-racism courses” and was “trying to educate” herself. “That’s what I want to do, that’s it. I was wrong, period, 100 percent.” Camila reacted to several comments from people in her Live, including one where she said, “Exactly, I don’t want forgiveness, I’m not the victim. What I did was wrong. It is wrong.”

Camila referenced her 16-month-old son and said she wanted to be better for him, and for him to grow up better than her. “I want to know what I can do,” she added. “I don’t condone racism and I don’t condone what I did.”

Leroy Thanked Fans for Their Support & Asked Them Not to Fight ‘Hate With Hate’

Two days after his first video, Leroy posted another short clip on social media thanking everyone who reached out to him to support him and said he already feels a lot better about speaking up. “I’ve been going through a lot dealing with that situation over the years and to finally be able to express myself about what happened and how I felt about it and knowing that I got that type of support means so much to me,” he said in the video shared on Twitter.

He reiterated that his hope is for change to take place at MTV and for the network to hold themselves and cast members accountable. “I’m gonna make sure that the network definitely puts the work in… they have a huge platform and a huge influence on people,” but expressed faith in MTV’s ability to step up and make real change.

After Leroy posted his initial video, Camila’s Instagram page was flooded with angry and hateful comments, causing her to delete her latest post, deactivate comments and set her page to private. Leroy briefly touched on that in his appreciation video, telling his followers, “As far as people going to Camila’s page or sending messages of hate, we don’t need to do that because I feel like we can’t beat hate with hate.”

He concluded that he doesn’t care whether she’s personally changed since then or not because it’s out of his control. What he cares about is the network, he said, because they have the biggest platform and the most influence.

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