Cara Maria Sorbello Called Out by The Challenge Vet: ‘Intimidating’

Cara Maria Sorbello

Getty Cara Maria Sorbello attends MTV's "The Challenge: Rivals II" final episode and reunion party

Cara Maria Sorbello was a divisive figure on “The Challenge” during her many seasons competing, both among fans of the show and fellow cast members. One “Challenge” star, Tori Deal, recently shared that Cara Maria gave her a bit of a hard time when she joined as a rookie.

During the most recent episode of “MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast,” Tori was joined by Aneesa Ferreira, Devyn Simone and Da’Vonne Rogers to discuss the first part of the docu-series “The Challenge: Untold History.” Tori and Da’Vonne spoke about joining the franchise from shows other than “The Real World” or “Road Rules.”

“Coming onto ‘The Challenge’ I was so intimidated,” Tori shared, explaining that she’d come from a dating show that was just about drinking and partying. “When ‘Are You the One’ first integrated into the show, I remember one of the vets, I’m not gonna say names because I’m not trying to create more drama right now, but she singled me out and was like ‘Ew you’re from Are You the One, rookie’.”

Naturally, the other women grilled Tori to find out the veteran’s name as Aneesa clarified that it wasn’t her. Devyn asked Tori for the first letter of the competitor’s name and Tori replied, “It wasn’t Aneesa.” She said the cast member’s name starts with a C. “Cara,” she confirmed as the others guessed it. “So… the integration was intimidating.”

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Tori & Cara Maria Appeared on a Few Seasons Together But Their Feud Really Grew on ‘War of the Worlds 2’

Tori made her “Challenge” debut for XXX: Dirty 30 back in 2017 and she made the final along with Cara Maria, though the two didn’t have any major feuds on the season. On the women’s side, Tori placed third in the final while Cara came in second.

The two really developed a feud on “War of the Worlds 2,” with Cara and her boyfriend Paulie Calafiore on one side and Tori and her boyfriend Jordan Wiseley on the other. All four were members of Team USA but Cara and Paulie were involved in a strong alliance that targeted many of their own cast members, including Tori and Jordan.

Despite getting thrown into elimination a few times, the then-couple kept winning and eventually switched over to Team UK to leave Cara and Paulie’s teams. In an iconic moment from the show, Jordan proposed to Tori after his elimination win and the entire house came together to celebrate their engagement, even Paulie, with the exception of Cara Maria. The two-time champ was slammed by cast members and fans for refusing to attend Jordan and Tori’s engagement party.

Cara Maria Appeared to Shade Tori & Jordan’s Breakup on Social Media

As “Challenge” fans know well, Tori and Jordan split in November 2020 and a year later, Cara Maria shaded the former couple in her Instagram Story, according to a screenshot saved on Reddit.

The reality star reposted a fan proposing to his girlfriend and she wrote, “Contrary to what you saw on TV, I love celebrating engagements. I get all excited and creative when asked to do cameos to help propose or congratulate a new couple.” She then added, “I have a special sense for knowing when it’s the real deal.”

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