WATCH: Cast Share Videos of Quarantine for ‘The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies’

The Challenge season 37 cast

MTV The cast of the 37th season of 'The Challenge'

The days are ticking down until the new season of “The Challenge” premieres on MTV, titled “Spies, Lies and Allies” but luckily some of the cast of the 37th season have been sharing videos of their time in quarantine before the show to give fans their fill of unofficial “Challenge” content.

A lot of the short video clips have come courtesy of one of this year’s rookies, Lauren Coogan of the second season of “Love Island US.” The hotel used for quarantine seemed perfectly designed for the cast as it featured multiple floors of units with side-by-side balconies in a curved design, which means the reality stars could easily interact with each other while standing outside.

In one of the clips, Devin Walker is seen throwing stuff at his neighbor’s balcony, which other videos showed was Kyle Christie’s balcony. In another clip, Kaycee Clark was heard yelling at her neighbors, “Don’t trust the edits!” while CT simply poked his head up from his lower-level unit.

In another clip, several of the cast members were seen going through a workout routine together. Another clip shared to Reddit showed Kyle and Devin side-by-side on their balconies jokingly threatening to play Irish folk music all night. It seems as though producers didn’t hesitate to group cast members near their friends as not only Kyle and Devin were side-by-side, but it also looked like Ashley Mitchell was next door to her fellow “Lavender Lady” Amanda Garcia.

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The Next Season Will Premiere on August 11 & Feature 19 Rookies & 15 Veterans Battling It Out for Their Share of $1 Million

The 37th season of “The Challenge” is set to debut on Wednesday, August 11 on MTV and it will be preceded by a special episode on Monday, August 9, that will set the scene for the new season and introduce fans to the new cast members.

Titled “Spies, Lies and Allies,” the show will be following the spy theme from “Double Agents,” although the format appears to be different this time around.

The show’s press release and trailer revealed that there will be 19 rookies on the season, outnumbering the veterans who are only 15, including 14 returning stars from “Double Agents.” Amanda is the only veteran returning to the show who wasn’t on the previous season, while the trailer hinted that a 16th veteran, Amber Borzotra, may make an appearance as well.

The Trailer Hinted at the Show’s Format, Hookups & a Possible Injury to Aneesa Ferreira

There were several hints in the trailer about the new season of the show, from the format to drama and hookups and, of course, intense competitions and injuries. In one clip of the trailer, Aneesa Ferreira was seen getting medical attention after suffering some sort of shoulder or arm injury and it’s unclear at this time how serious that will be for her. On “Double Agents,” several contestants were medically disqualified from the show, including Nicole Zanatta, Kyle Christie and Nam Vo.

The trailer also showed a possible format for the season as it looks like the reality stars were competing in pairs, with the video announcing that 17 international competitors would be pairing up with 17 American stars. That likely means the show will take place in pairs of American/international reality stars. However, fans will have to wait and see if the pairings remain the same throughout the season or if they will change up like on “Double Agents.”

“The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies” will premiere on Wednesday, August 11 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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