The Challenge Competitor Said Co-Star ‘Freaked Out’ After Attempted Kiss

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The CBS spinoff “The Challenge: USA” is underway now and even though the premiere was 90 minutes long, it seems as though there was still a lot of content left on the cutting room floor, including a near-kiss between two cast members.

“Love Island” stars Cely Vazquez and Javonny Vega were the first two competitors eliminated from the show in the premiere and they opened up about their time on “The Challenge” in an exit interview with ScreenRant. During that conversation, the pair were asked if they brought any skills from “Love Island” over to “The Challenge” and Cely replied, “I tried to kiss Enzo [Palumbo] on that one night out. I said, ‘I’m on the wrong show, clearly.'”

Javonny chimed in and said “Big Brother” star Enzo was “so pumped.” He added, “Enzo was like, ‘Yeah man, I’m ’bout to grab one of those ‘Love Island’ girls tonight.'” Cely replied, “He was so scared. I literally went up to him and was like, ‘Kiss me’ and he freaked out.” Javonny said, “Enzo was so scared to kiss Cely man it was crazy.”

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The 2 Also Spoke About Their Strategy Going on the Show & Why They Didn’t Try to Convince the Winners to Keep Them Around

Javonny and Cely didn’t seem to do much politicking with the challenge winners Tyson Apostol and Angela Rummans to stay out of elimination and Cely told ScreenRant it’s because she wasn’t “gonna beg.” She explained, “I knew what I signed up for and it’s ‘The Challenge’ and I’m not going to be out here begging them [not] to throw me in because at some point everyone is going to have to go in and my thought process was if we go in and we win, that’s money in our bank and we’re chillin’, and it’s a chance to prove that we’re meant to be here because everyone was hating on ‘Love Island.'”

Javonny agreed that he “wasn’t going to kiss a** either.” The pair said that they wanted to target “Survivor” people if they’d stayed in longer because they were probably the biggest threats. “They were on the island isolated for more than a month, so they already had a mentality to come in to win and they were older than us,” Javonny shared. “Everybody there was in their 30s. The whole Survivor crew was 40 years old, so they were old heads, so I was like, damn we’ve gotta get them out of here first.”

The “Love Island” alum also said they were disappointed that it wasn’t going to be a full vote for the arena pick because they had the numbers for that. “We had strong numbers compared to anybody else so I thought it would’ve been a voting system, but I guess the winners voted so that kind of like f***** us,” Javonny concluded.

Cely & Javonny Broke Down the Elimination & Said It Wasn’t Close At All

Cely and Javonny were put into the arena to face the losers of the challenge, Kyland Young and Azah Awasum and the two “Big Brother” alums defeated the “Love Island” stars. Javonny told ScreenRant it actually wasn’t close and they were “far. Like from here to Hong Kong,” he joked. Cely added, “It didn’t start off that way though! I feel like there was a moment where we looked over and we were like, we could literally win this, and then in the middle of it, they just took the freaking lead.”

She said she thinks they made “one wrong move” and weren’t able to recover from it the rest of the elimination.

However, according to the “Love Island” runner-up, watching the episode wasn’t at all frustrating. “I’m so happy,” she gushed. “We looked so good on camera. I said we’re still hot.” Javonny added, “‘Love Island,’ we made it look lit. I’m glad we were able to leave with a bang, but I wish we were able to stay more.” Cely concluded, “It was short and sweet, but definitely sweet. I’m happy I left with Javonny and we didn’t look like idiots out there.”

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