The Challenge Changes Up Official Podcast Hosts

TJ Lavin on The Challenge

Twitter/MTV TJ Lavin on 'The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies'

The Official Challenge Podcast is going through some changes according to a recent announcement. In light of the upcoming inaugural spinoff season of “The Challenge: USA,” the show’s Instagram account posted that there would be two new hosts for the podcast, replacing Tori Deal and Aneesa Ferreira.

The post’s caption shared, “We’ve got some new hosts on the block!” Two former competitors, Devyn Simone and Da’Vonne Rogers, “are hopping on the mic to cover ALL things #TheChallengeUSA on The Official Challenge podcast, starting July 7th.”

The podcast’s description on iHeart states that “The first-ever season of ‘The Challenge: USA’ is here, and ‘MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast’ is giving you the inside scoop every week. ‘Challenge’ alums Da’Vonne Rogers and Devyn Simone take the mic and go behind the scenes of this season’s drama as contestants from ‘Big Brother,’ ‘Survivor,’ ‘Love Island,’ and ‘The Amazing Race’ all compete for the crown.”

The first episode of “The Challenge: USA” is dropping on July 6 and the first podcast episode will be coming out the following day, on Thursday, July 7.

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Da’Vonne & Devyn Teased Their Podcast in a Short Clip Posted on Instagram

The “Challenge” Instagram posted a brief segment introducing the two alums. “Hey, this is Devyn Simone,” one of the new hosts began. “You may know me as a two-time ‘Challenge’ finalist or being host of ‘The Challenge: Aftermath’ or maybe even from my time on ‘The Real World: Brooklyn’ but don’t judge me for that part.”

Da’Vonne added, “And I’m Da’Vonne Rogers. Now you definitely know me from my time on ‘The Challenge’ and also as America’s favorite All-Star on ‘Big Brother.'” Devyn said, “Usually, we’re able to dive into the Challengers mindsets on ‘The Challenge: Aftermath,’ but I’m excited to do a really deep dive on this podcast. Honey, we’re gonna be all up these Challengers business. They are gonna be in the hot seat and they’ll have no place to hide.”

Da’Vonne asked Devyn if she had any predictions for the season and Devyn said that she couldn’t cheer for “Big Brother” due to her background as a “Challenge” star and added that she thinks “Love Island” is gonna “go all the way.” She said even though they come from a show that focuses on flirting, they might cause “major upsets” on “The Challenge.” She added, “I also love an underdog story.”

As for Da’Vonne, she shared, “All I know is that the ‘Big Brother’ contestants started scheming and plotting and planning the second the show was announced. Okay, but I don’t know. The ‘Survivor’ cast looks pretty intimidating as well. It’s a hard choice.”

Both Hosts Shared the News on Their Twitter Accounts & Devyn Praised Tori & Aneesa as Hosts

Both the new hosts announced the news on social media, with Devyn giving props to the two regular hosts of the podcast, Tori and Aneesa. “Can’t wait for you to listen,” she tweeted in response to a fan. “Tori and Aneesa did a fabulous job though and those queens deserve respect. Thank you for being excited! We’re excited to bring this version to life.”

Da’Vonne shared the announcement and wrote, “Ooooh … y’all ready !!!!??? Premiering July 7th! you’ll be able to catch new episodes here,” along with a link to the iHeart Radio website for the podcast. The news was met with very positive reactions from fans in the Instagram comments and on Twitter.

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