MTV Makes Major Announcement About ‘The Challenge’ Future

TJ Lavin

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It’s official! There are two confirmed seasons of “The Challenge” in our future.

On June 22, MTV announced via a Variety exclusive that “The Challenge” had been renewed for seasons 38 and 39. The network also confirmed that TJ Lavin will be the host of both seasons. The publication also confirmed what had been widely discussed, which is that production of the 38th season is already underway.

The season is being filmed at “MTV Entertainment Studios’ global production hub in Argentina,” it added. The cast and title of the season will be announced by MTV at some point in the future.

The world of “The Challenge” is expanding rapidly. The 3rd season of the popular spinoff “All Stars” is still airing on Paramount+ and a CBS spinoff of the show, “The Challenge: USA” is premiering on July 6. There is also a special docu-series coming soon showcasing the history of the show titled “The Challenge: Untold History.”

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The 37th Season of the Show, ‘Spies, Lies and Allies,’ Performed Very Well Among Target Audiences

According to Variety’s announcement about the renewal, the Bunim/Murray-produced show’s 37th season ranked number one in the unscripted series category for the 18-34 age range in the 2021-2022 broadcast year. The season, “Spies, Lies and Allies,” aired in over 190 countries and featured international stars from several reality shows in other countries.

The casting director for the series, Skye Topic, told Variety, “We always try to pull in some big vet names for a return we know the fans will celebrate. When you have a pool of 36 seasons to pull from, and knowing you must make space for new faces, it’s just about trying to find the right balance.”

She said, “You want the vets to be able to onboard the new faces in the series so they can become a returning OG themselves one day.” The casting director also spoke about how much more complicated filming has become since the show cast so many international stars. “Logistically, getting them all to location is incredibly complex,” she shared. “It’s a massive task.” She added, “English is a second language to some of these new casts and we feel grateful that these new faces are willing to come and join us — knowing how tough the game is when English is your native tongue.”

Fans Shared Their Excitement About the Announcement on Social Media

Fans were thrilled to see the announcement about two new seasons of “The Challenge” and took to Reddit to share their reactions. “Always good to see! 40 SHOULD be a no brainer unless these next two seasons have the worst ratings ever so 3 more challenges of the main show is fine by me!”

Someone else said, “It’s probably not going to be airing on MTV in a few years, but yeah the show isn’t going anywhere.” Another added, “They should do something big for 40, like an all Champs season or something. Maybe an all Champs season for All Stars, but something big for season 40.” One person pointed out, “It’s nice that we have gotten to the point where this is a ‘duh’ moment and not an actual question.”

One person commented, “Let’s gooooo!” Another pointed out, “Still nothing about all stars? Damn, it was a good run while it lasted.” One person said, “I don’t think All-Stars is dead, but I think it makes sense that Paramount+ is focusing on the Global Championship spinoffs right now. I’d be willing to bet there will be another All-Stars season.”

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