‘The Challenge’ Legend CT Opens Up About Rivalry With Johnny Bananas

Chris "CT" Tamburello & Johnny Bananas

Getty/MTV Chris "CT" Tamburello & Johnny Bananas

Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio and Chris “CT” Tamburello are the two most winningest competitors ever on MTV’s “The Challenge,” and CT recently gave his take on their Cold War-esque rivalry.

Heavy’s Stephen McCaugherty recently spoke with CT about his new movie, “The Most Dangerous Game,” which is showing at select theaters across the United States and is available digitally as well. You can watch the entire interview below via the embedded YouTube video:

During the interview, CT was asked about Bananas. Specifically, the two-decade-long reality TV star was asked for his take on the greatest-of-all-time debate which typically features himself and Bananas. Bananas has won the most championships of any competitor ever, boasting seven first-place victories. And CT is right behind him in the all-time queue with five.

CT and Bananas have starred on several seasons of “The Challenge” together, but more times than not they haven’t gone after each other. They’ve faced off head to head in two Finals, with Bananas coming out on top on “The Battle of the Exes” and CT besting Bananas during “Rivals II.”

They’ve also seen each other in three different elimination rounds. The first time was on “Cutthroat” when CT briefly appeared on the show as a mercenary brought on to battle Bananas and Tyler Duckworth. CT and Bananas were back to back and strapped together, and CT only needed a few seconds to lift Bananas up and carry him to a barrel, throwing Bananas onto it and claiming victory.

Bananas defeated CT during the two other occasions, however. They battled it out in a football-type race during “Rivals I,” along with Bananas’ teammate Tyler and CT’s teammate Adam King.

And during “Free Agents,” Bananas and CT squared off in a puzzle right before the final challenge.

CT Said He Was Interested in Settling Their Rivalry ‘Once & For All’

“Look, I love Johnny,” CT said. “I do think that me and him were, in my mind, hands down, the Cold War of rivalries. And I don’t think it’s ever gotten enough attention.

“Me and him are one and one against each other in a final. And who knows, maybe the stars will align one day where me and him are in a final together. Maybe that’s another reason to come back, just to settle it once and for all. And the whole time I just try to protect him and make sure no one tries to send him home so that way I can compete against him in the final.”

But, CT did take a subtle jab at Bananas, who has had no issue calling himself the GOAT of “The Challenge.”

“I think if somebody wants to go around campaigning that they’re the best… any king who has to say he’s king is no king at all,” CT said, quoting “Game of Thrones.”

‘Never Say Never,’ CT Said About Returning to ‘The Challenge’

Even with all of the fierce competitors returning every season in hopes to win the grand prize and “Challenge” championship, CT views himself as the only person he’s competing against.

“The only person I compete against is myself,” CT said. “And I think that’s important. Every day I try to be better than I was yesterday, and that was the main reason I kept coming back for so long.”

CT battled on 2021’s “Spies, Lies & Allies,” and he earned his second consecutive championship in a row. During the interview, CT was noncommital about returning to the franchise. At 42 years old, CT just starred in “The Most Dangerous Game” and wants to continue pursuing acting.

CT said that he feels like he’s accomplished everything he wanted to on “The Challenge,” but the fan-favorite competitor didn’t close the door on returning. “Never say never,” CT said.