‘The Challenge’ Legend CT Tamburello & His Wife Separated

Chris "CT" Tamburello

MTV/Instagram Chris "CT" Tamburello and wife Lili Solares.

Longtime Challenge competitor Chris “CT” Tamburello and his wife Lili Solares separated prior to filming Double Agents, the veteran reality star announced on Monday. The 40-year-old and Solares married in September 2018 and the couple also shares a 4-year-old son.

In a video segment of the sneak peek for the new Challenge season, Double Agents, Tamburello says: “Remember me? Good because I almost forgot, the last few seasons I wasn’t in the best place mentally. Marriage was not going well. We’re separated, and I feel like I’ve been running from problems for a long time. I feel like they finally caught up with me. I couldn’t lie to myself anymore.”

Tamburello continued, “Now I’m coming in focused on myself, focused on work, focused on my son, focused on getting my head right, getting back in shape, taking my life back. The dad bod era is over. It is now a fatherly figure.”

The video is available here:

Tamburello & Solares Married in 2018 & Their Wedding Was Featured on an MTV Special

Solares and Tamburello married on September 8, 2018, in Miami, and the notoriously private couple’s wedding was featured in an MTV special, The Challenge: CT’s Getting Married, two months later, Us Weekly reported. Some of CT’s fellow Challengers attended his wedding, including Cara Maria Sorbello, Derrick Kosinski and Leroy Garrett.

Tamburello and Solares’ son, Chris Jr., who was two years old at the time, attended their wedding. The special focused on the drama around Solares’ family and showed fans how the couple interacted with each other and their son. Solares has maintained a very private lifestyle despite her marriage to the reality star and the two rarely appear on each other’s Instagrams.

Since filming for Double Agents wrapped, Tamburello has shared photos of himself with his wife, writing as the caption for one, “Six years later… …still thinks I’m funny.” It’s unclear if the two have reconciled or not at this time.

Tamburello Was Eliminated Early on Total Madness After Winning War of the Worlds 2

The Real World: Paris alum has appeared on 17 seasons of MTV’s The Challenge, with Double Agents set to be his 18th season. He appeared on the last few seasons in a row and won with Team UK on War of the Worlds 2 but exited the show early on his follow-up appearance on last season’s Total Madness. In an elimination upset, rookie Jay Starrett beat CT and sent the veteran home.

In the same sneak peak, Starrett said when he saw Tamburello return for Double Agents, he was worried: “Last season was dad bod CT, this season is back to prime CT. Damn, when I tell you I am scared — I am scared.”

Tamburello has won three Challenges so far in his career. In addition to his War of the Worlds 2 win, he won Rivals II with his partner Wes Bergmann and Invasion of the Champions. He’s also made it to five other finals but was unable to pull out the victory.

The Challenge: Double Agents premieres on December 9 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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