Chris ‘CT’ Tamburello Trashed by Co-Star as a ‘Vile Human Being’

Chris "CT" Tamburello

Getty Chris 'CT' Tamburello on June 5, 2014 in New York City.

Chris “CT” Tamburello is undoubtedly one of the most beloved cast members on “The Challenge” but he has gone through a major arc since his first days on the show as a young hothead. One of CT’s co-stars doesn’t agree with the love CT gets and recently lashed out at the “Spies, Lies and Allies” winner.

Ryan Kehoe appeared on “MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast” and spoke about his training before going on “All Stars 2.” He said he did some running and light pilates then brought up his former co-star CT. “He’s such a f****** tool,” Ryan told co-hosts Aneesa Ferreira and Tori Deal.

He said that he thinks CT’s wins are deserved but added, “I find him to be the most vile human being in the world.” Tori and Aneesa were shocked and Tori acknowledged that CT just gave her $50,000 for coming in second place on “Spies, Lies and Allies” so she said she would never be able to speak badly about him, but both said they respected Ryan for coming on the podcast and giving his “raw” opinion.

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Ryan Said He Hasn’t Seen CT Since Diem Brown’s Memorial But That He Still Really Doesn’t Like Him

Ryan told Aneesa and Tori that he doesn’t know CT “on a personal level.” He explained that their last interaction was at Diem Brown’s memorial service back in 2014. “He was kind and he was emotional, everyone was emotional of course… It was a horrible day,” Ryan said.

He then added, “Do I think that he has a good bone in his body? Yes. Have I seen it often? No.” He went on to speak about CT’s strengths as a competitor on “The Challenge” but then said, “Do I think he’s a dirty d*** f***? Yes, I don’t like him, I really don’t. I don’t like him.”

Ryan and CT only appeared on two seasons together. They both competed on separate teams on “The Gauntlet III,” where CT made it to the end and Ryan was eliminated just before the final. They were also both on the cast of “The Duel II” but CT was disqualified after fighting with Adam King before the season even began.

Despite That, Ryan Praised CT as a Great Competitor & Said He Deserved to Win ‘The Challenge’

Despite Ryan’s criticisms of CT, the “All Stars 2” competitor acknowledged that CT’s five wins on “The Challenge” are deserved. “He deserves to win because he trains hard” and is really strong, Ryan said. “Do I think he deserves to win all the big money? Yes because he wins, that’s really what ‘The Challenge’ is, you gotta just persevere.”

Aneesa replied that knowing people over a long period of time, like CT, opens the door to seeing all the different sides of them and it’s normal that competitors on the show go through various stages of life. She said that for example, Tori didn’t like her when they first met and now they’re very close friends.

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