‘The Challenge’ Cast Member Slams Blogger: ‘Out of Your Mind’

The Challenge Spies Lies and Allies

MTV The Challenge: Spies Lies and Allies

Fans of “The Challenge” are known to discuss all aspects of the show and it’s common to see various types of rankings, from the casts to the seasons. On February 21, “Challenge” blogger Allan Aguirre published his ranking of the “Top 10 Weakest Casts in MTV Challenge History” and “Spies, Lies and Allies” rookie Corey Lay went off on Twitter over his placement.

Aguirre ranked the casts purely on a competitive level and divided his ranking between female and male casts. “For each season I detail, I sort people into different ‘Tiers’ to recognize the level of player they are,” he wrote. “A Tier = Elite, B Tier = All-Star/Good Player, C Tier = Average, D Tier = Below Average, F Tier = All-Time Bad Player.” According to Aguirre, the most recent season was the second weakest male cast of all time.

“An 18 person male cast where I only rate two players a B+ or higher is atrocious,” Aguirre concluded. Many of the rookies were eliminated before they could showcase their strengths, he explained. “When they did, it was usually beating one of their fellow rookies. This led to a bunch of D ratings.” Corey and his co-star Kelz Dyke were both listed in the D+ tier.

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Corey Called Out Aguirre on Twitter in a Series of Tweets Slamming His Low Ranking

In a series of now-deleted tweets, Corey expressed his disagreement with Aguirre ranking him at D+. “You’re out of your mind ranking me at a D+ under some of these men,” Corey said. “Let’s not forget I single handedly won a 4 person elimination & was under a second behind the winners of one of the hardest dailies they did in my entire season. You have me behind Nam [Vo] who has never won anything?”

Aguirre replied to Corey that he couldn’t rank him higher than people with “actual finals and daily wins.” The blogger told Corey, “You have potential, but we have only really seen that you weigh more than Renan [Hellemans].” He added that Nam was good on “Double Agents” and that although fans never saw him win something, they also didn’t see Nam “ask for Hughie [Maughan] in elimination then lose to him.”

In another response, Corey said, “Yep! Nam with his actual final, elimination, and daily wins. Got it! Trash list. Trash blog.” Aguirre replied to Corey, “I can rate him down to a D+ if you want. Seems like a nice guy though.” In a final tweet, Corey said he “loves” Nam but “how dare he be listed higher than me on any ranking list before he has even proven anything.” The “12 Dates of Christmas” alum said Kelz shouldn’t have been ranked D+ either.

Corey Later Explained That His Cast Mates Convinced Him Not to Engage in the Debate Any Further

Although Corey deleted his tweets criticizing the ranking, he posted a few more comments about it, first explaining that his cast mates advised him to stop debating Aguirre. “My cast mates that are much more level headed than me have advised me not to engage with the silly challenge blogger… so… I won’t. *deletes tweets*” he wrote.

One fan wrote to Corey that he might be a great competitor in future seasons but asked him what ranking he thought he should get considering that he only appeared on a handful of episodes and lost to Hughie. “A+ obv,” Corey replied. “One day I’ll learn to bite my tongue. But it wasn’t today,” he added. He also wrote:

Why do I care what some blog has me ranked at during my challenge season? Because I’m an emotional Leo with too much pride

One thing about Corey Lay… I am not thick skinned at all. Just about anything can set me off.

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