‘The Challenge’ Veteran’s Ex Didn’t Want Him to Film Season 37: ‘We Butted Heads’

The Challenge season 37 cast

MTV The cast of the 37th season of 'The Challenge'

Cory Wharton has been on “The Challenge” for many seasons now and is practically a staple cast member having missed only “War of the Worlds” and its sequel since his debut for the franchise on “Battle of the Bloodlines.” However, while it’s almost always a given that he will appear on the show, it seems as though it was more difficult for him to film “Spies, Lies and Allies” due to his situation at home.

Cory is the father of two daughters, four-year-old Ryder whom he shares with former “Challenge” star Cheyenne Floyd, and 15-month-old Mila whom he shares with his girlfriend Taylor Selfridge. Cheyenne, who is now engaged to Zach Davis, is not involved romantically with Cory but revealed to Us Weekly that she wanted Ryder’s father around as she was in the final weeks of her pregnancy with Zach. The couple welcomed their son Ace in May.

This difficult time between Cheyenne and Cory as he leaves to film “Spies, Lies and Allies” will be shown on the 10th season of “Teen Mom OG” which is set to premiere on September 7.

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Cheyenne Said Normally She Doesn’t Mind Cory Filming ‘The Challenge’ But This Season They ‘Butted Heads’

Cheyenne told the outlet, “This season was rough for us. Normally, I would say, ‘Cory and I, we’re good. Like, we don’t argue.’ Oh, this [season] — we butted heads a lot.” She said when Cory left for the 37th season of the show, she was “very, very pregnant” and Ryder is also getting older now so it affected her more.

“I just wanted to handcuff him to Ryder and then to his house,” Cheyenne explained. “Like, I did not want him to leave. And I was very — probably a little bit too vocal about that.” The reality star has appeared on a season of “The Challenge” herself, which is where she met Cory. On that season, she made it to the final of “Rivals III” with “Are You the One?” co-star Devin Walker.

Cheyenne told Us Weekly that she doesn’t usually mind when Cory leaves to film “The Challenge” but this time it was different. “I was like, ‘Nope, you need to stay right here.’ And he’s like, ‘Got to go!’ So we butted heads. Yeah, we definitely butted heads.”

She also reassured fans that the two are “great” now and praised Cory’s parenting skills. “Ryder really, really loves her dad, and she loves going over to her dad’s house.” She said Cory is a very hands-on father and goes on a lot of outings with Ryder. “I like when my kid is happy. So as long as he’s in town, she’s happy. It’s when he does The Challenge where it gets a little rocky.”

Cory Also Said That Ryder Is a Lot More Aware of His Absence on This Season of ‘Teen Mom’

Cory also spoke about how difficult “Spies, Lies and Allies” was for his family in July while promoting the ongoing season. He said, “It was hard mentally, just because the people at home were kind of struggling,” referencing Cheyenne’s pregnancy and adding that Taylor was missing him. He said he also missed his younger daughter Mila’s first steps, which was very difficult.

“I’m missing crucial points in my child’s life that, like, I’ll never be able to get back,” he revealed. “So that’s kind of hard to swallow.” He said on the 10th season of “Teen Mom OG,” viewers will see that his extended departures also begin to affect Ryder a little bit more.

Cory told Us Weekly that appearing on the competition show is a difficult decision. “It’s like, do you take this work opportunity and this great chance that you have? Or do you be there for your family? It’s a tough decision for sure.”

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