Chris ‘CT’ Tamburello Takes Aim at Challenger: ‘Give Me the Goof’

Chris CT Tamburello

MTV Chris "CT" Tamburello

The Challenge: Double Agents‘ eighth episode has come and gone and some of the cast members have been reflecting on the developments in the episode, specifically the fifth and final gold skull for the men going to Josh Martinez. In an appearance on The Challenge: Double Agents Aftermath, Challenge legend Chris “CT” Tamburello fired a shot at Josh and said that was who he wanted to go against to steal his skull.

Some of the cast members were speaking with host Devyn Simone about Josh’s performance during his elimination win and Kam Williams explained that Josh couldn’t really see because she didn’t think he’d put his contact lenses in. CT chimed in and said, “Goofy Josh, that’s what it is.” Leroy Garrett added, “I think for those who didn’t have gold skulls, when they [saw] Josh win a skull, they still were like, ‘ok you’re just gonna hold that for us,'” and CT said, “Yup.”

Leroy then said everybody would be going for Josh’s skull and laughed, “CT wanted him bad. CT called him the goof.” Kam laughed and said, “‘Give me the goof!'” CT laughed and repeated the sentiment. Devyn then asked CT directly which guy he was eyeing in terms of stealing a gold skull and what his plan was and CT replied, “I mean… yeah, I’ll take the goof.”

“You know, I think even though he’s really big and he’s really strong, I think overall it would be more beneficial for me to go after him and take him out,” CT said. He explained that not only does he think he’d have the best chance of winning against Josh but he would also be targeting the Big Brother alliance.

Here is the full video:

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Kam & Leroy Revealed That Their Strategy Would Be to Keep CT Out of Elimination So He Can’t Win a Gold Skull

In a recent recap video, Kam and Leroy spoke about their strategies in Double Agents that hadn’t been featured in the episodes so far, including the strategy of keeping CT out of elimination. Although it’s unclear yet if the strategy will work in future episodes, Kam said, “At this point in the game we are trying to lock CT out of ever going into The Crater, so we don’t wanna get CT down there.”

Leroy said their plan was to first put CT in elimination against Wes to get him out of the game, but TJ announced it was a female elimination day. He continued, “Okay, so since you don’t want CT to go in there, CT will never go in there. CT is gonna be stuck with Big T for the rest of the season. You get no chance to go in there.” He added, “we’re gonna see how that plays out.”

Josh Won His 1st Elimination in 4 Seasons of ‘The Challenge’ But May Have to Defend His Gold Skull

In the eighth episode of The Challenge: Double Agents, Josh and his partner Nany Gonzalez were sent into the Crater to face the house vote, Demetrius “Mechie” Harris and Amber Martinez. Since it was a male elimination day, Josh went in and got his first elimination win in four seasons on the show, sending Mechie home. He won his skull and now has one win and three losses in elimination overall on The Challenge.

He also won the final gold skull of the five available ones for the male competitors and may now have to defend it against any of the male Challengers left who do not have a skull. As host TJ Lavin announced at the end of the episode, the guys will now have to start stealing skulls from each other to earn their spot in the final challenge.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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