Chris ‘CT’ Tamburello Addresses His Relationship With Johnny Bananas

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MTV’s “The Challenge” has had its fair share of stars throughout the years but some are much more legendary than others, including arguably the two biggest faces of the show, Chris “CT” Tamburello and Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio. Bananas and CT have been on 20 seasons and 18 seasons of the show respectively, with the former winning a record seven seasons and CT catching up to that number with four.

Interestingly, although the two have been on many seasons together, they never seem to work together in the same alliances. In a recent Instagram Live, CT addressed his relationship with Bananas and said the two are actually friends and have a friendship similar to a sibling rivalry, CheatSheet reported.

CT revealed that he thinks Bananas and him are “like two brothers competing for the last piece of pizza,” and that the two have completely different approaches to playing the game, which is why they never really work together.

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CT Said They Are Like 2 Brothers But They Should Have Worked Together Earlier On

CT also said on his Instagram Live, according to the outlet, that if the two had put their gameplay differences aside and worked together, they could have accomplished a lot more and had less difficulties along the way: “If me and him had worked together so long in the past, I think things would have been a lot easier for us.”

The four-time champion also told fans on Instagram Live that he invited Bananas to his wedding to Lili Solares in 2018 but due to a change in the wedding date the “Total Madness” winner couldn’t make it.

Bananas was asked about CT’s “Double Agents” win on Instagram Live recently, according to Monsters and Critics. He said, “Here’s my thoughts. The cream always rises to the top, ladies and gentlemen and I know CT is not watching because he’s traveling. This is what I would say to CT is, ‘The real ones know. Haters will say it was rigged, but the real ones know my friend.'” He also added:

It’s always been CT and myself. It’s always been like ‘Who’s the G.O.A.T.? Who’s the G.O.A.T.? Who’s the G.O.A.T.?’ It’s almost like it’s hard to compare. It’s like MJ and Lebron. The things that he’s accomplished on The Challenge over the years, there is no way I ever could, and the things I’ve accomplished, it would be difficult. You know, we’re just two completely different players that play different games. We have different strengths, different weaknesses.

CT & Bananas Are Arguably the Most Notable Competitors on the Show & Also Responsible for One of Its Most Iconic Moments

Bananas has won seven of his 20 seasons after making his reality TV debut on “The Real World: Key West” while CT, a “Real World: Paris” alum, appeared on 18 seasons of the show, winning four. While the majority of Bananas’ wins have come in the first half of his career, CT has gotten the majority of his wins in the last few seasons, as he was known more as a hothead on earlier seasons.

Winning records aside, Bananas and CT are often linked thanks to one now-iconic moment on season 20 of the show, “Cutthroat,” where CT turned his co-star into the infamous Bananas backpack. In the last elimination before the final, TJ Lavin called in CT as a ringer, throwing a wrench in Bananas’ strategy-based game.

In a 19-second elimination that saw the two tied back-to-back, CT basically lifted Bananas off the ground and walked him like he was wearing him like a backpack, then threw him into the metal barrel at the finish line. Here is a video including that famous moment:

CT’s Best Moments (Feat. The Bananas Backpack) | The Challenge: Invasion | MTVCT is the man keeping fans on the edge of their seat every time he competes. As he prepares to return to the series following a two-year absence, MTV looks back at his most unforgettable, and often controversial, moments. #TheChallenge #TheChallengeInvasion #MTV Subscribe to MTV: The Challenge: Invasion brings together 18 Underdogs to battle…2017-02-07T22:00:00Z

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