The Challenge Star Says CT Tamburello Would Have ‘Drowned’ Him

CT Tamburello

MTV CT Tamburello

There have been some great head-to-head battles in this season of The Challenge: Double Agents, but one exciting matchup occurred during a daily challenge, not an elimination. In the eighth episode of the season, “A Muddy Matter,” contestants took part in the muddy All Brawl challenge and Nam Vo and Chris “CT” Tamburello both finished at the top of their heats and faced off in the second phase.

After a battle in the mud pit, CT emerged the winner and went on to the final round with his then-partner, Tula “Big T” Fazakerley, which they lost to Kam Williams and Kyle Christie. Nam was unable to pull out the win against CT although he put up a good fight.

Recently, in an appearance on the Challenge Mania podcast, Nam told co-hosts Scott Yager and Derrick Kosinski that CT told him he would have “drowned” him if Nam hadn’t played fair from the very beginning.

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Nam Said He Enjoyed Competing Against CT & Also Accidentally Hit Him in the Eye With His Helmet Camera

On the Challenge Mania podcast, Nam said he has some training in martial arts and he was happy to go head-to-head with CT in the mud pit because he gained a lot of experience from that matchup. Nam explained that his background has more to do with striking and keeping a distance from his opponent so this type of close-up wrestling was new for him. He also said the two were wrestling really fairly.

Nam said just as the fight was starting and they knocked heads, the GoPro on his helmet hit CT in the eye. He said he stopped fighting him and asked, “Are you good?” and waited for the veteran to recover from the blow. Once CT could see out of his eye again they began wrestling properly, Nam continued.

He said, CT told him after the brawl, “Normally he would, if it’s somebody else, he would drown that person” and put their head under the water. “He didn’t do it to me because I was so fair in the beginning and I was waiting for him” to recover after getting hit in the eye, Nam said. He said a lot of other cast members would have probably used that to their advantage and not done what he did. “It was a fair fight, it was a good fight.”

Nam also shared that between his heat and the second phase that he competed in, he had to wait so long on the sidelines and became really cold so it was difficult to move in the water once he got back in, though he clarified that he wasn’t making an excuse. He said the same thing happened to CT between their matchup and the final round between CT and Kyle.

Nam Was Recently Medically Disqualified From ‘The Challenge’ After Suffering a Back Injury

Nam was medically disqualified from The Challenge following a back injury he picked up earlier in the season, during a different daily challenge than the mud wrestling one. During the 12th episode, TJ Lavin explained that Nam was deemed unfit to continue and would have to leave the competition.

The rookie took to social media after the episode aired and said he hid his injury for a while to avoid getting disqualified until the pain became too much to handle: “I was eating less, couldn’t workout and at some point I felt so dizzy I couldn’t really interact with the others anymore and keep my pokerface to pretend that everything is alright.”

He said when TJ announced that he couldn’t continue he broke down crying and said he felt so disappointed that he couldn’t continue. He said he hopes to be able to return to the franchise in the future and compete to become a Challenge champion.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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