Chris ‘CT’ Tamburello Addresses Whether He’ll Retire From ‘The Challenge’

CT Tamburello and Kaycee Clark

MTV CT Tamburello and Kaycee Clark

The 37th season of “The Challenge” is now done and dusted and the finale of “Spies, Lies and Allies” saw two winners out of the eight finalists crowned as champions. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the finale and winners of “Spies, Lies and Allies.”

Chris “CT” Tamburello won his fifth “Challenge” championship while his partner for the last leg of the final, Kaycee Clark, won her first “Challenge” victory to go alongside her “Big Brother” winner title. The two ran the final separately and in different teams until Kaycee won her elimination against Nany Gonzalez and chose CT as her partner.

Now that CT has his fifth title, many viewers are wondering whether the 41-year-old will return to compete and push to surpass Johnny Bananas’ record seven wins or if he’s retiring from the show. Unfortunately for fans of the legend, while he hasn’t officially retired from “The Challenge,” he did just reveal his desire to take a break from competing and focus on his family.

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CT Said He’s Done 8 Seasons Back-to-Back Now & Would Like to Take a Break

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly after his fifth win, CT said he won’t announce his retirement because he’ll “never say never.” He said “‘The Challenge’ is my home” but since he’s done eight seasons back-to-back and they film a lot more regularly than a few years ago, he’d like to take time off to spend with his family. “My son’s five years old,” he explained. “I film two shows a year, three months a piece, that’s half the year I’m gone. I can’t do that because he’s older now.”

He told the outlet that he’s feeling “a little tired” but he’s had “a good run.” The “Real World: Paris” star said his priority is spending time with his family and he just had his first Halloween with his son CJ. “I’d like to spend time with the family, enjoy the fruits, recenter myself, and maybe just take a break, take a little breather,” he told EW. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Retire? I don’t have it in me to ever say I’m going to retire.”

He also mentioned that he has no desire to go on “All Stars” yet because he needs a break and doesn’t want to think too far ahead. “Right now, all I’m thinking about is the family Christmas trip I’m taking everybody on in a week,” he revealed.

CT Said He Would Have No Regrets If He Never Returned But Would Like to Come Back ‘Once in a While’

CT also said if he never returned to the show, he’d be able to keep his head high, Entertainment Weekly reported. “If I were to ride off into the sunset now, I can ride off with my head high, and there’s no woulda, coulda, shoulda,” he told the outlet. He said he doesn’t see his castmates as his competition and rather competes with himself.

I know people like to compare me to other people, but I don’t. To me, I was always my worst enemy. And I feel like I won, I beat myself at my own game. So now, the sky’s the limit.

The reality star is also branching out into an acting career, with a major role in a film coming out soon that’s currently in post-production, “The Dangerous Game.” He said he always felt too afraid to pursue acting but he now feels confident pursuing that.

Sounds like the “Challenge” legend is definitely leaving the door open for a return, however, as he said he’d like to drop by on the show “every once in a while” to “make sure no one forgets about me.” That being said, he also added that he should lay low for a while because he’ll be a top target if he returns immediately.

I always say, after we’re done shooting, ‘Oh gosh, I’m so tired, I don’t ever want to go back, I’m done.’ And then a couple months go by and I’m just like, ‘What I wouldn’t do to get shot out of a cannon.’

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