Darrell Taylor Claps Back at Haters After Controversial Move

Darrell Taylor

MTV Darrell Taylor

During this week’s episode of The Challenge: Double Agents, it appeared that the house vote for elimination would come down to one person, veteran Darrell Taylor. The OG competitor was in a difficult position as he has been allied with his partner Amber Borzotra and the Big Brother stars but has known Chris “CT” Tamburello for a long time.

While CT wanted the house to vote in Josh Martinez so he could face him and get his gold skull, they instead voted in Devin Walker, one of CT’s friends and allies, thanks to Darrell’s apparent swing vote. In the episode, CT spoke about being betrayed by Darrell while on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast, Tori Deal and guest co-host Tula “Big T” Fazakerley called it the “dirtiest deed” of the episode.

They both said it took them by surprise that he sided with Big Brother despite knowing CT for nearly two decades.

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Darrell Responded to Those Who Called Him Out for Not Supporting CT & Said He Doesn’t Owe CT Anything

Darrell did not stay quiet after the episode aired and many fans expressed disappointment that he didn’t vote along with his fellow OG CT. In response to a fan writing, “Sad that he didn’t vote for @JOSHMBB19 tho and help @TheOfficial_CT out. I thought they were homies @mtvrrdarrell,” Darrell responded, “CT ain’t never did shit for me EVA!! Y’all must have forgot him and Theresa convo #TheChallenge36.”

Earlier this season, Theresa Jones mentioned that she’d like to target Darrell to eliminate him in a private conversation with CT and he responded that he’d be interested in doing that but later denied being involved. When the 11th episode aired, Darrell also retweeted a message that said, “Do people forget @TheOfficial_CT admitted to wanting to get rid of @mtvrrdarrell like 4 eliminations ago with @theresa_m_jones and then LIED about it?? Darrell is playing the game for himself, and Devin (or Josh) is not a bad opponent. He’s playing the game. #TheChallenge36.”

Darrell also liked a tweet pointing out that he likely wasn’t the swing vote in any case because it appeared that Leroy Garrett and Kam Williams voted for Nam Vo and Lolo Jones. As the fan pointed out, “they didn’t vote CT’s way but CT wouldn’t see because they didn’t vote for devin themselves, but still made sure he went in #TheChallenge36.”

Earlier This Season, Darrell Revealed He Had a Secret Alliance With CT

Earlier in the Double Agents season, Darrell shared that he was working in a secret alliance with CT throughout the game, although he kept it under the radar to avoid putting a target on himself. According to the video saved to the Challenge Overdose Instagram page, Darrell said:

It’s kind of hard to navigate this game like I said. So, CT, me and him go back from spring breaks to other seasons before. We’ve helped each other make it to finals before. But in this house, I’m noticing that people are all watching, so I’m trying to avoid hanging around CT as much as possible, if you know what I mean.

It seems as though Darrell may have left the partnership to focus on his Big Brother alliance. Since the four-time champion still needs to get a skull to qualify for the final, he likely believes his chance to do so lies with being loyal to his partner Amber Borzotra and the rest of the Big Brother group.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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