Darrell Taylor Calls Out ‘Real World’ Costars Over Quitting Threats

Darrell Taylor

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One thing that fans of “The Challenge” know really well is that host TJ Lavin hates quitters, but another familiar face on the show also spoke out about quitting recently. In an appearance on the “Challenge Mania” podcast, veteran and four-time champion Darrell Taylor called out his costars, specifically the cast members from “The Real World: Las Vegas” for frequently threatening to quit.

While speaking with cohosts Scott Yager and Derrick Kosinski, with whom he appeared on “The Challenge: All Stars” on Paramount Plus, Darrell revealed that the night of the final challenge on that season Alton threatened to quit multiple times.

He said everyone was miserable and Alton told him that after the overnight challenge, “I’m [f******] quitting,” and as soon as he wasn’t partnered with Jonna Mannion he would be done. “So he kept saying he was gonna quit,” Darrell said, then added, “But he didn’t. You know, that ‘Vegas’ cast they tend to use that word a lot, you know, ‘I’m about to quit’ or ‘I quit.'”

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Darrell Said the ‘Real World: Las Vegas’ Cast Often Threaten to Quit

Cohost Derrick appeared confused when Darrell said the comment and asked him to elaborate, to which Darrell replied, “I’m saying the ‘Vegas’ cast they always threaten to quit,” as Scott listed Trishelle Cannatella, Alton Williams and Arissa Hill. “Alton has quit before,” Darrell added, “you know, Trishelle has quit before.”

“I’m just saying when it comes to the game, they tend to say they’re just gonna quit, you know. I don’t care, whatever, I just don’t take too fondly to quitters,” Darrell explained. He said his issue with people quitting the show is that they took someone else’s place that would have really loved to compete or benefitted from appearing on the show.

A clip of the exchange was shared to Twitter, however, and several of his costars didn’t waste any time replying to Darrell’s comments.

His Costars Replied to a Clip of the Audio That Was Shared on Twitter

In response to the comments made by Darrell which were posted to Twitter with Trishelle, Arissa and Jisela Delgado tagged, Trishelle replied, “When you come from a season where you’re spoiled and living in a vegas high rise casino, I think it’s natural to have higher expectations than someone who lived in an RV with bunk beds. I’m not about that life. I enjoy my spoils and i won’t apologize for it.”

Jisela, who has remained very close with Alton since “All Stars” finished filming, replied on his behalf since the “Real World: Las Vegas” star doesn’t have social media. She wrote, “Yup! Alton is a grown a** man and some of the production members were new to the Ogs and thought they could talk to us like they do the Reg challenge. He sure did say he was gonna quit plenty of times. Zero f***s! never forget the square up with security!”

Arissa replied to Jisela’s comment, joking that the Las Vegas cast “hasn’t had a f*** to give since 2002.” She also replied to the audio clip with a longer message which said, “Girl, Darrell really forgot he told he me was about to quit the main show and that he was convinced not do it because he was gonna miss out on his stipend which was coming the next day or day after. Why he clutches his pearls over me, Vegas or anyone quitting is a mystery.”

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