Darrell Taylor Reveals Whether He & Leroy Garrett Are Still Friends Today

Darrell Taylor

MTV Darrell Taylor

The Challenge legend Darrell Taylor recently shared with fans of the show where he stands today with his Double Agents costar and friend Leroy Garrett. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the 14th episode of The Challenge: Double Agents, which aired on March 17.

In an exclusive interview with Hollywood Life, Darrell revealed that he wanted to leave Amber as a partner and also shared where he now stands with Leroy after his friend voted for him to go into elimination. During the episode, viewers saw Leroy, who was Darrell’s close friend and ally in the house, tell Darrell that if he was the house vote, it meant that Leroy had voted for him but didn’t want to blindside him.

Darrell said at the time, he was really worked up about it but now the two are “cool.” He said, “I really couldn’t be mad at him. He helped me so far to that point. He had to help himself, and I understand the game. I would not let that affect our friendship.”

He explained that his initial shock and feelings of betrayal were due to being surprised that Cory wasn’t the house vote since he had regularly been voted in by the house up until that point. However, Darrell acknowledged that it was a good move to keep them out of the house vote so Kyle and Aneesa would be less likely to pit two guys with gold skulls against each other.

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In the Interview Darrell Also Spoke About Wanting to Switch Partners & Leave Amber Borzotra

Although Darrell and Amber were the only pair to have stayed together from the beginning of the show without switching, during the 14th episode Darrell revealed to Hollywood Life that he wanted to switch partners. He said although he enjoyed working with Amber, he realized during the overnight challenge that he wanted a different partner for the final:

The fact that she wouldn’t eat anything or try to eat the food in the overnight challenge, I was like…you’re going to have to eat food in the final. I knew she could swim, but then she panicked [in this week’s challenge]. I just felt like she got complacent.

He explained to the outlet that he loves Amber as a partner and acknowledged that she helped him get far in the game, but said once she proved to everyone that she was a tough and strong competitor, she began “coasting.” He said given the choice, he would have picked Kaycee Clark or Kam Williams.

After the episode aired, Amber took to social media to explain that she had no hard feelings toward Darrell for his comments. In response to a fan asking, “did it sting a little hearing the things he said,” she replied, “Nah, it’s all love!”

Darrell Said He Had a Split-Second Doubt When He Went Into the Crater Against Cory

On The Challenge Aftermath, Darrell opened up about going into elimination against Cory, who he joked was his “kryptonite.” The four-time champion said when he walked into the Crater, he had some doubts in his mind for just a split second before pushing them aside. He said he knew Cory was faster than him because speed isn’t his strong suit.

Darrell said after his elimination, he thought about hiring a trainer to focus on speed and agility training but he hasn’t done it yet. He joked, “I was like, man is [Cory] my kryptonite? You know what I mean, it’s like every fighter has that one guy that could beat them, and he’s got me twice.”

He told Hollywood Life that he’d love to return to the show and compete again despite finding it difficult to leave his children for weeks at a time for filming. “I definitely want to do another one,” he revealed. “I would love to do one with the young kids again and make my presence known so I can solidify who the hell I am to everybody.”

The Challenge: Double Agents airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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