Darrell Taylor’s Wife & Kids: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Instagram/@darrell_taylor_lb4lb Darrell Taylor from The Challenge with his wife and children.

Darrell Taylor is one of the most successful players to compete on MTV’s The Challenge. He won four seasons in a row in the mid-2000s. He took a break from the competition after Dirty 30 but returned to the game for the current season, Double Agents.

At 41, Taylor is the oldest competitor this season. (Chris “CT” Tamburello is 40). Taylor is along among the competitors with a spouse and children waiting for him back at home. He has been married to his wife, Milasent Hernandez, since 2017 and they have one son and one daughter together.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Taylor & Hernandez Got Married in Mexico in 2017 But They’ve Been a Couple Since at Least 2007

Taylor and Hernandez got married on the beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, on October 21, 2017. Based on pictures from Hernandez’s Facebook page, both of their children were involved during the ceremony, which included four bridesmaids and four groomsmen. The photos show that the reception included dancing on the beach and an animated first dance by the bride and groom.

Taylor thanked his friends and family for their involvement during the big day. He wrote on Instagram the day after the wedding, “Can’t express how fortunate I am to be surrounded by so much love from family & friends. I appreciate you all!”

Taylor and Hernandez have been married for fewer than four years but they have been together for far longer. The couple’s relationship dates back to at least 2007, based on Talor’s Instagram account. In June 2017, Taylor posted a photo to celebrate Hernandez’s birthday and wrote, “We still young at heart 10yrs later.”

2. Taylor’s Wife Is a Registered Nurse Anesthetist & They Operate a Gym Together

Hernandez noted in her Instagram bio that she is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. According to the California Board of Registered Nursing, Hernandez has been a licensed nurse anesthetist since at least December 2009.

The state record shows Hernandez became a registered nurse in July 2004. Her profile does not include information about where she went to college or where she works.

Hernandez and Taylor also work as personal trainers and operate their own gym. According to California business records, they launched “Pound 4 Pound Fitness Elk Grove Inc” in March 2014. Taylor is listed as the CEO and chief financial officer. Hernandez was designated as the company director and secretary in recent paperwork.

3. Hernandez Is an Athlete & Would Definitely Pose a Threat if She Competed on The Challenge

Taylor has always been viewed as a major physical threat on The Challenge. As a personal trainer, staying in shape is part of his job. His wife is just as athletic as him and Hernandez would likely scare a lot of the other female competitors if she were to ever join him on The Challenge!

Hernandez and Taylor exercise together and Taylor has posted multiple photos showcasing his wife’s toned physique. In November 2019, the couple traveled to Indonesia and paid a visit to CrossFit Wanderlust Bali. Based on this photo, Taylor and Hernandez got in a workout during their vacation.

In addition to Crossfit, Hernandez is a runner. She ran in the Boston Marathon in 2013. Based on her official time of 3:48:36, she crossed the finish line well before the two bombs went off, killing three people.

Hernandez and Taylor have run together since then. Taylor shared a picture from October 2014 after they had completed a half marathon together. Taylor wrote at the time, “It hurt, but we set a goal a few months ago and we did it!”

Taylor posted a photo the following year that showcased the entire family running. In the image, Hernandez appeared to be running in another half marathon. Their daughter was in the middle of the frame and had a big smile on her face as she jogged along. The right-hand side shows Taylor jogging while pushing his son’s stroller. He wrote, “The next race I run my goal is to finish looking fabulous like my daughter.”

4. Taylor & Hernandez Welcomed a Daughter in 2010

Hernandez and Taylor welcomed a beautiful baby girl in 2010. Taylor celebrated his daughter’s 10th birthday with a trip to South Lake Tahoe in July 2020. He shared a picture of the two of them on Instagram and wrote that his “Princess hit double digits today.”

Taylor has also bragged about how smart his daughter is and how his wife has been teaching their daughter about the value of hard work. Taylor shared in November 2018 that his daughter tied for first place in a spelling bee at her school. She was in third grade at the time and the other student she tied with was in the sixth grade. Taylor wrote, “Shout out to the wifey 😘 @milasent.taylor for showing our daughter if you put in the work you will not be denied! My little Minion still has work to do but she tied for 🥇 out of her whole school with a 6th grader.”

Taylor often shares pictures of his beautiful family, such as this one with his daughter during a December 2020 trip to Hawaii. But he has made it clear that he expects his fellow Challenge competitors to refrain from speaking about them. In a Twitter exchange with Wes Bergmann in July 2018 that included some trash talk, Bergmann wrote to Taylor in part, “It’s sad when you have to ask your kids to make you a gif and your wife to write you a pun, just to keep up with me.” Taylor responded, “Keep my wife & kids out yo tweets.” He included a boxing glove emoji and an emoji of an injured head.

5. The Couple’s Son Was Born Prematurely & Taylor Has Praised March of Dimes for Supporting the Family

Taylor and Hernandez’s son was born in 2012. But the little guy had a rough time of it at first. The little boy was born at just 29 weeks. March of Dimes shared pictures of him as an infant to its Instagram account.

Taylor shared a video of his son hitting a punching bag with him in November 2017, in a nod to how much his son has grown. Taylor wrote at the time, “So thankful my son is alive and doing well. If it wasn’t for the support of @marchofdimes he would not be alive. Today is #wordprematurityday help support so we can give every baby a brighter tomorrow.”

Taylor chose to give back to March of Dimes when he competed on The Challenge: Champs vs Pros in 2017. Taylor was partnered with fellow challenger Cara Maria Sorbello and the two won the grand prize. As HollywoodLife reported, Taylor was able to donate $55,000 to the organization.

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