Da’Vonne Rogers Claps Back at ‘Challenge’ Alum Throwing Shade

Da'Vonne Rogers at the finale of Big Brother All-Stars

CBS Da'Vonne Rogers at the finale of Big Brother All-Stars

The social media drama between reality TV contestants is almost better than the shows themselves. One recent dust-up happened when The Challenge and Are You the One? alum Britni Thornton stepped into fellow Challenger Nehemiah Clark’s Instagram comments to throw some major shade on Da’Vonne Rogers of Big Brother and The Challenge. Rogers (and her fans) are having none of it.

Thornton Told Clark to ‘Walk Away’ From Rogers

It all started when Clark posted a photo of himself and Rogers and asked his followers, “1) Do we make a good couple?” and “2) What would our couple name be???”

The fans were quick to reply with hearts and supportive messages, plus several suggestions for their couple name, the winning one of which appears to be “Da’Miah.”

But amidst all the love, Thornton stepped into the comments to snark, “No. Walk away from that one, babe. Your energy is too pure and good” along with a black heart emoji.

Fans were quick to jump on the comment. One wrote, “Day’s energy is pure [heart]. She is kind, she represents a queen. She speaks for so many women who can relate to her. I love her so much and anyone who can’t agree well you’re simply a hater. Nothing but love and respect for my black queen period.”

Another wrote, “As opposed to your negative, filthy energy?”, a third wrote, “Ain’t nobody in here was talking to you, deactivate your Instagram,” and another said, “Ew, you’re a ‘tear other women down’ type of woman? This is backhanded and gross.”

Finally, one called her comment “pretty bold talk” for someone with a DUI.

Thornton was arrested in April 2018 for driving under the influence and failure to maintain lanes. She later addressed the arrest on Twitter (via Ashley’s Reality Roundup), writing, “Luckily it was a one time stupid mistake. Thankfully for me the ones that care and KNOW me know that I NEVER drink and drive and they’re the only ones I care about disappointing. I’m a stoner not a drinker. Mistakes happen, you live you learn.”

Da’Vonne Responded With Her Own Shade On Twitter

In response to Thornton’s Instagram comment, Rogers took to Twitter to write, “She’s still mad I called her batsh*t crazy. Lmaooooo girl.”

Rogers and Thornton appeared on one season of The Challenge together, “Final Reckoning” in 2018. Thornton was the third girl eliminated, while Rogers lasted until she took eighth place.

A couple of Rogers’ fans on Twitter speculated that Thornton “wants to do a Rivals season with [Rogers] so bad” as a reason for the shade, and another commented, “Don’t give her no attention, you don’t wanna be stuck with her *ss in a Vendettas 2 season.”

And a third wrote, “You still living in her head rent free, I see.”

The Challenge returns for its 36th season on Wednesday, December 9 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV. Big Brother 23 will return in the summer of 2021. Until then, we might get a new season of Big Brother Canada this winter/spring and there is talk of a winter edition of Celebrity Big Brother.

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