Derrick Kosinski Trades Shots With Challenge Co-Star: ‘Quitter’

Derrick Kosinski

Instagram/MTV Derrick Kosinski

In episode 8 of “The Challenge: All Stars 3,” things got heated as the competitors edged closer to the season’s final. Warning: This article contains spoilers of the first 9 episodes of “The Challenge: All Stars 3,” now airing on Paramount+.

Viewers saw things get heated after Derrick Kosinski called out Nehemiah Clark to face off in pole wrestle in the arena. As Nehemiah was walking down, his close friend and “Real World: Austin” alum Wes Bergmann told him to “f*** [Derrick] up” and said, “he won’t have a family to go home to.”

After the episode aired, Wes apologized to Derrick for his comments, tweeting, “I would like to apologize to @DerrickMTV re telling Nehemiah to f*** him up. I thought I was going in & adrenaline was pumping – but I believe that particular series of s*** talking crossed the line and I’m sorry to him and his family. Public mistakes require public apologies.”

Derrick replied to Wes’s apology and gave viewers an apology of his own. “I would like to apologize to everyone that wanted to see Derrick vs Wes 2!” he wrote. “But let’s bring that same energy on #TheChallengeAllStars4 & give the people what they want!” Derrick added, “I agree, I think family should always be off limits. Apology Accepted.”

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Wes Then Replied to Derrick & Teased Him Before Throwing a Bit of Shade

Despite his apology, Wes fired a few more shots at Derrick. In response to Derrick accepting his apology, Wes wrote, “Nope. No more chances. Game over. I’m taking my ball and going home.” Derrick replied, “Quitter!” with a crying laughing emoji.

After episode 9 aired showing Nehemiah defeating Derrick in pole wrestle, Wes tweeted, “Pole Wrestling… Real World Austin: 2, Derrick: 0.” Their co-star Mark Long replied, “lol savage!” Laterrian Wallace commented, “I want a piece.”

Derrick Was Defeated by Nehemiah in Pole Wrestle

Derrick was picked by Mark Long to go into what turned out to be the last elimination of the season before the final of “All Stars 3.” Since Derrick had the most stars, he felt that he would have been called into elimination by all of the remaining male competitors and decided it was best to put himself in and choose his opponent.

Once in the arena, it became apparent that the elimination would be pole wrestle due to the circle in the sand with a pole waiting in the middle. It seemed as though everyone was hoping for the epic rematch of Wes vs Derrick from “The Duel,” which is often listed as one of the best eliminations of all time.

While both Wes and Derrick hyped up the rematch in their confessional interviews, Derrick ended up choosing who he said was the easier option, Nehemiah. However, Nehemiah took Derrick’s words as fuel and powered through his opponent to win the matchup and punch his ticket to the final. Afterward, Nehemiah took to Instagram to comment on the elimination, writing, “This one is dedicated to all of those who have been underestimated, undervalued, misrepresented, disrespected, and belittled.” He added:

I listened every time the other challengers and fans called me weak, a lay-up, and an easy target…

Derrick tried to do what life has been trying to do to me for 36 years, and that’s break me. But what he failed to realize is that, I CANT BE BROKEN.

Nehemiah wrote on Instagram, “Y’all got to witness just a small fraction of the fight I have inside of me. I took a man who had the most epic pole wrestle battles in history, and I did to him what he thought he was going to do to me, made it look easy.”

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