‘The Challenge’ Star Reveals Major Alliances in ‘Double Agents’

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The Challenge: Double Agents has been an exciting season so far with a lot of extreme challenges in stunning locations. However, because of the secret voting and what appears to be less air time dedicated to politics and alliances, keeping track of which players are working together has become more difficult. In a recent episode of the Challenge Mania podcast, Devin Walker broke down the major alliances in the house.

The Challenge veteran spoke about the male side of the alliances because he said that’s what he was primarily keeping track of, and said, “I feel like this is an important thing to get out because it is confusing.” He explained that there are three main groups in the house:

“There was what we called, or what they called, The Barn, which was kinda the room where there was like, I think 12 people in there,” Devin said, and that group includes Josh Martinez, Fessy Shafaat and Kaycee Clark. “And that’s the core of the Big Brother alliance. With them, in the beginning and even still kind of now, you had Cory [Wharton], Nelson [Thomas] and Jay [Starrett].”

He said then there are Leroy Garrett and Darrell Taylor who are “kind of floaters, they were kinda playing their own game with Mechie [Demetrius Harris] as well, but they generally tend to side with the Big Brother alliance.” He said the final group is mostly his room: Wes Bergmann, Nam Vo, Chris “CT” Tamburello, and originally Lio Rush. He didn’t mention Kyle Christie, although the Brit is typically allied with Devin on the show.

Devin said Darrell and Leroy are in the best position because they’re often the swing vote and can rally numbers on either side without getting targeted themselves because they’re needed for votes.

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The Female Alliances Sometimes Seem Just as Confusing as the Male Alliances in the Game

The female side has also been confusing although recently there seems to be a clear group working together, the “Itty Bitty Small Committee,” formed by Tula “Big T” Fazakerley, Gabby Allen and Amber Martinez. Although they’re often considered the rookies, Big T is actually on her third season, and it’s unclear how involved in the group Amber Borzotra and Lolo Jones are. Similarly, Kaycee seems to be mostly working with the guys from Big Brother, Josh Martinez and Fessy Shafaat, but it’s unclear if Amber Borzotra falls in with the Big Brother alliance.

The veteran girls including Aneesa Ferreira, Kam Williams and Nany Gonzalez seem to be working together although the season hasn’t dedicated much time to show their game conversations or politics. Theresa Jones, on the other hand, appears to be working with both sides of the house, but in the last episode, she managed to rally the rookie girls to vote in Ashley Mitchell.

Fans Have Joked About the Alliances on Social Media Since the Season Started

Although Double Agents had a daily challenge in the second episode designed to show what the alliances were and who was working together, as the season progressed with secret voting it became harder to figure out who was actually working together.

Fans often joked on social media that the alliances were extremely unclear this season, with one writing, “I feel like MTV hasn’t shown a lot of the players discussing strategy with their alliances. The format has been daily, 2 minute talk in a bedroom, fight, voting, elimination.”

Another said, “All these alliances being made as if they won’t already be broken next week.” Another said, “this year is great because there are really no alliances!” One fan wrote, “Everyone is talking about Kam and Leroy’s alliance… What can someone please tell me who’s actually in that alliance?”

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