Devin Walker Slams Costars Over Challenge ‘Rigging’ & ‘Cheating’ Claims

Devin Walker Double Agents

MTV/YouTube Devin Walker and a screengrab from this week's Double Agents episode.

The latest episode of The Challenge: Double Agents was followed by some controversy as Olympian Lolo Jones, who left the show during the episode, put MTV on blast and accused the competition of being “staged” and forcing her to quit. It wasn’t long before outspoken competitor Devin Walker slammed Lolo for her tweets. He also addressed comments made by fellow competitors Kam Williams and Leroy Garrett.

The daily challenge in episode 11 saw competitors in teams on a speedboat jumping onto ropes hanging from a helicopter. After holding on to their rope, contestants dropped into the water and swam to a platform, with the fastest team winning the daily challenge. Chris “CT” Tamburello and Tula “Big T” Fazakerley, who went last, won by a landslide, according to host TJ Lavin.

Shortly after the public deliberations and private voting, Lolo announced that she would be leaving the show since she hadn’t been winning daily challenges and wasn’t getting an opportunity to go into elimination and earn her gold skull. The summer and winter Olympian was also struggling with her partner Nam Vo and said she’d rather leave the show and train for the USA bobsledding team.

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Lolo Jones Said She Didn’t Quit but Was Forced to Leave the Show by Producers

Big T's Outstanding Air Lift Mission Performance 🔥👏 The Challenge: Double AgentsBig T. might’ve outdone herself during mission airlift, even shocking her partner CT with her outstanding performance ability which caused the pair to own this mission. 🔥 #TheChallenge #MTV Subscribe to The Challenge: After the chaos of total madness, The Challenge: Double Agents returns the series to a partners game, but the contestants still…2021-02-25T21:55:36Z

After the episode, Lolo slammed MTV in now-deleted tweets, claiming that they forced her to quit and calling the competition “staged.” She said, “mtv the challenge forced me to quit, and that is facts. I’ve never quit anything in my life. Heck I’m one of the oldest Olympians bc I don’t quit, I was pulled aside before the show and told to make it look like I needed to leave.”

She also tweeted to her followers that The Challenge is a reality TV show and should not be considered a “real” competition, adding that there are many “secrets” behind the scenes that viewers don’t know about. She said the production’s interest is in being entertaining and not transparent.

The Olympian spoke about the daily challenge won by CT and Big T and said it was “staged” and they “technically did not win.” She explained that there was a specific drop zone and the two did not land within it. She concluded, “Once I realized the producers can change the rules to fit who they want to win, I was still willing to stay and fight.”

One fan also pointed out on Twitter that Kam and Leroy also said Big T and CT didn’t follow the set rules, writing, “they were told to drop in a certain area and everyone followed it, but CT/Big T ignored it so they were much closer to the finish line than everyone else.” However, Devin called out Lolo and his costars for their comments and said the Double Agents won the mission “by the rules.”

Devin Slammed Lolo Jones & His Costars for Their Comments About This Week’s Daily Challenge

In a series of texts after the episode, Devin called out Lolo and his castmates for their comments. He first wrote, “Y’all want a statement? Here you go. Anyone that says BIG T and CT didn’t win that challenge by the rules that were laid out is lying. I’m happy to discuss this LIVE with any of them.” He continued, “What I saw was a team learn from other teams mistakes and execute a close to perfect performance.”

He then said, “I’m so sick of this bulls***, challengers in their feelings because they got BEAT. stfu and take the L.” He then called out Lolo directly and wrote: “@lolojones stop belittling the challenge. I get it, [you’re] an ‘athlete’ that couldn’t beat a bunch of ‘drunks’ in ANYTHING… that’s tough. You weren’t blocked out of elimination, you were scared of it.”

He added that Kam and Leroy and others who also said they were surprised that Big T and CT won “may not think they are ‘lying’ but their recap isn’t based in reality.” In an appearance on the Reali-Tea Podcast, Devin went into more detail about the rules of the mission to explain why Big T and CT won fair and square and said it wasn’t “rigged by production” and competitors did not need to land in a drop zone or face disqualification:

The rules of the game were very simple. You get on the rope, the helicopter drives straight until it takes a left and you can hang on to the rope all the way through, but… if you hang on too long, the helicopter then starts to bring you away from the platform, right. So it’s not that Big T and CT cheated or that it was rigged.

He explained that he and Gabby as the Double Agents made the order for teams to perform in and put Big T and CT last, so they got to witness everyone performing. He said they were able to “see the pattern that the helicopter flew in and they knew that people had been letting go early. So what they did was hold on until that very moment, you hear CT say it ‘keep holding’ until the helicopter started to turn and then they dropped.”

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