The Challenge’s Kam Williams, Darrell Taylor & Others React to Episode 12

The Challenge Double Agents cast

MTV The Challenge: Double Agents cast

The 12th episode of The Challenge: Double Agents, titled “Tinker, Tailer, Bunny, Spy,” dove right in where the previous episode left off on a cliffhanger and it did not disappoint. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the 12th episode of The Challenge: Double Agents which aired on March 3 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

The episode began with TJ Lavin announcing that the security breach was not the return of another cast member but was instead a double elimination with the team receiving the second-most votes in the house, Josh Martinez and Nany Gonzalez, joining Devin Walker and Gabby Allen in the crater. Chris “CT” Tamburello and Tula “Big T” Fazakerley found themselves with all the power, as they were able to choose both of those teams’ opponents.

Since it was a male elimination, CT asked Devin who he wanted to face and Devin called out Darrell Taylor without hesitation while CT put himself in the Crater to face Josh. In the “Dead Ringer” elimination, Devin and Darrell were neck-and-neck but the four-time champion was able to finish his puzzle quicker, defeating the Are You the One? alum. CT powered through his elimination, finishing the puzzle as Josh was still collecting his pieces.

After Josh and Devin’s eliminations, CT shocked the house by switching partners in an extreme way, calling Kam Williams down in excitement and angering Kyle Christie and Big T in the process. Darrell chose to stay with Amber Borzotra while Cory Wharton picked Gabby Allen and Big T ended up with Nam Vo. The rest of the episode saw the drama building with the fallout of CT’s enthusiastic partner switch-up.

The episode ended as the challenge, this one a night-time mission, was just beginning. Unfortunately, Ultimate Beastmaster contestant Nam Vo was deemed unable to compete due to a back injury and was medically disqualified from The Challenge, making Big T a rogue agent. That means she will not be able to compete in the next elimination, likely to be a female elimination day and one of the last chances for the women to win a gold skull.

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Cast Members & Fans Reacted to the Double Elimination of Devin & Josh & the 2 Competitors Who Won Their Gold Skulls

Cast members had a lot to say about the double elimination with both CT and Darrell earning their gold skulls and Josh and Devin getting eliminated from the game. Ashley Mitchell said she couldn’t believe it was a double male elimination and that she would have liked to see teams battle it out together. Josh and Devin posted the following tweets after their elimination:

Fessy Shafaat called out Devin and said, “I don’t know what’s funnier.. coming after big brother the whole game just to get eliminated before all of us (even josh) orrrr saying Darrell sucks at puzzles and choosing him for a puzzle elimination and losing @MTVDevinWalker truly is tv gold.” Darrell shared:

There were also a lot of reactions from viewers, as fans enjoyed the extremely close elimination between Devin and Darrell and had a lot to say about Darrell earning his gold skull. There were also a lot of comments about the matchup between CT and Josh, with fans reacting to Josh’s exit from the game. Here were some of the reactions:

Many People Reacted to the Drama in the House Between CT & Big T, Nam’s Medical DQ & the Daily Challenge

Needless to say, the moment CT turned his back on Big T and chose Kam as a partner was a highly talked-about scene online, both among cast members and fans. Here were some of the reactions from the cast:

Fans also reacted to the scene, as well as the fallout during the episode. One fan wrote, “I just wanna hug Big T. That’s my baby and she doesn’t deserve any of this.” Another said, “Everyone is acting like Big T and CT weren’t one of three teams to have won two dailies this season already. Not forgetting the two puzzle dailies she dominated and could have won if the little mistakes weren’t made. Big T is not weak. Simply underrated.”

One fan said, “Why do I feel so bad for Big T. Logically, CT made a smart choice. Emotionally, he wrecked us all.” One added, “I have always been Team CT, but Big T totally didn’t deserve that.” One fan summarized, “It’s not a matter of CT being right or wrong about Big T being ready for a Final, or going back on his word & picking a partner he felt he had a better chance with. It’s the spectacle he made of picking Kam and humiliating Big T, followed by an awful apology.”

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