The Challenge Cast & Fans React to 8th Episode: ‘You Sneaky F***’

The Challenge Double Agents cast

MTV The Challenge: Double Agents cast

The eighth episode of The Challenge: Double Agents aired on February 3 on the heels of the season’s dramatic seventh episode. Titled “A Muddy Matter,” the episode had some twists and turns which had fans talking on social media and cast members reacting to the events on screen.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the eighth episode of The Challenge: Double Agents which aired on February 3 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Following last week’s daily challenge in which most of the boys refused to compete and TJ Lavin telling them their votes wouldn’t count, the mission this week saw all cast members take part in an exciting muddy matchup called “All Brawl.” After some interesting results in each heat, Kyle Christie and Kam Williams emerged the winners and became the double agents.

With cast members unsure of whether the elimination would be male or female, the house ended up voting in rookies Demetrius “Mechie” Harris and Amber Martinez. Kyle and Kam decided to put in Josh Martinez and Nany Gonzalez to face them and following TJ’s announcement that it was a male elimination day, Josh pulled out the victory and sent Mechie packing.

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Cast Members & Fans Were Very Vocal About the ‘All Brawl’ Mission & the Results of Each Phase

After the episode aired, cast members spoke about the experience of wrestling in the mud against other competitors. Tula “Big T” Fazakerley gave a shout out to Kam who beat her in the final round and said, “well done to the most gracious queen, it was an honour battling it out in freezing degrees with you.” Here were some other cast reactions:

Fans also had a lot to say about the mission, with one commenting, “Kam dominated Big T in the most polite and safe way ever. She really wanted to make sure Big T didn’t get hurt.” Another said, “This big brother alliance is too big and obnoxious for me.” Another fan spoke about Lolo Jones’ complaint that Aneesa Ferreira was grabbing her neck and wrote, “It dont look like anneesa was tryna to choke her…it just looked like she was tryna hold her down while also trying to get out the mud.”

Fans Reacted to the Elimination Matchup & Josh’s 1st Elimination Win

During the voting and deliberations, Ashley Mitchell said, “Don’t use your partner for where your vote is going every week. I mean, don’t you feel like you look weak nomination after nomination saying I’m voting what I’m told. Vote how you feel. Not how you feel. What is best for YOU, then own up to it.”

Josh said, “A lot of people claim [Big Brother] plays a shady game but big brother alliance stays solid to each other.”

Cast members also reacted to the house vote of Mechie and Amber M. and the decision of Kam and Kyle to vote in Josh and Nany. Kam wrote, “There’s always a method to everything I do. I did the BB alliance a huge favor by helping Josh now they owe me a huge favor on girls day.” Josh wrote, “D*** that win feels nice.” He also added, “The medicine balls were heavy [as] f*** I swear.”

Ashley joked, “Damn!!! With the QUICKNESS. Im proud for Josh,” after he solved the puzzle in the elimination, then added, “I retract this statement.” Here were some comments from fans:

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