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The Challenge: Double Agents

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Another electric episode of MTV’s The Challenge: Double Agents has come and gone, and a player has been eliminated from the game.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from January 27’s episode of The Challenge: Double Agents. If you haven’t seen it and do not want to be spoiled, do not read any further.

The Daily Challenge saw the competitors battling on a cargo net while swinging under a helicopter, and in the end, Kaycee and Leroy once again became the Double Agents.

During the house vote, Jay and Theresa’s power move from the last episode came back to haunt them and they were voted into elimination. At The Crater, Leroy decided it was time for him to compete for his Gold Skull, heading down to the sand with Kaycee to take on Jay and Theresa.

TJ revealed that it was a male elimination and Leroy’s gamble paid off. He defeated Jay, sending the Survivor alum home to collect his ticket to the Final Challenge.

Leroy decided to stick with his partner Kaycee, which left Rogue Agent Cory to pair up with Theresa.

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Heavy on The Challenge’s Power Rankings After Episode No. 7

After the seventh episode, there are 10 teams remaining and we have compiled our power rankings. Heavy on The Challenge’s power rankings are based on two things:

1. The team’s positioning in the house politically and strategically, and the likelihood of them making it to the Final Challenge. Having a Gold Skull helps elevate the team in the rankings.
2. The team’s potential to win the Final Challenge and earn a Challenge championship

*Our rankings are spoiler-free, meaning the rankings only pertain to what we have seen on the show so far.

Here is how the teams rank:

No. 1: Kam (Gold Skull) & Kyle (Gold Skull)

Kam & Kyle

MTVKam and Kyle from MTV’s “The Challenge: Double Agents.”

Kam and Kyle are currently in a fantastic spot in Double Agents. They appear to be nestled between different alliances and have both earned their ticket to the Final Challenge. During the mini-Final Challenge during episode No. 6, they finished in third place, showing their cardio ability.

Because they both have Gold Skulls, they’ll do what they can to remain out of The Crater. And should they make it to the Final Challenge, they have the potential to perform well.

No. 2: Kaycee & Leroy (Gold Skull)

Leroy & Kaycee

MTVLeroy and Kaycee from MTV’s “The Challenge: Double Agents.”

Kaycee and Leroy have consistently shown that they’re a top team in the house, winning two Daily Challenges up to this point. They appear to be in a solid spot in the house, and one half of their team has punched their way to the Final.

Kaycee still needs to make an appearance in The Crater to earn her Gold Skull, but she has proven that she’s a tough out for any female competitor.

No. 3: Amber B. & Darrell

Darrell & Amber B.

MTVDarrell and Amber B. from MTV’s “The Challenge: Double Agents.”

Darrell is one of the most proven Challenge competitors ever, winning four championships. Although he hasn’t stood out much during Double Agents, his experience and legacy still carries a lot of clout, and coupled with Amber’s strong performance during the last Daily Challenge, the two are currently sitting in a good position.

Both players have yet to see elimination this season and need to make a move soon to increase their chances of earning a Gold Skull.

No. 4: Aneesa (Gold Skull) & Fessy (Gold Skull)

Aneesa & Fessy

MTVAneesa and Fessy from MTV’s “The Challenge: Double Agents.”

Besides Kam and Kyle, Aneesa and Fessy are the only other team on Double Agents with each partner holding a Gold Skull. That alone elevates them in the rankings.

Fessy is arguably the most intimidating player to join The Challenge in years and he has shown his physical prowess in both Daily Challenges and eliminations. He has a solid alliance with his fellow Big Brother players, and Aneesa appears to be sitting well in the house politically as well.

The biggest red flag for this team is their performance during the mini-Final in episode six. They came in dead last. Aneesa’s performance makes us skeptical of her chances in a Final, especially if it’s a foot race. However, she’s paired with Fessy, which is a massive benefit for the veteran, and Aneesa’s determination to finally earn a Challenge championship could put them over the top.

No. 5: Cory & Theresa

Theresa & Cory

MTVTheresa and Cory from MTV’s “The Challenge: Double Agents.”

Cory and Theresa are in a very interesting predicament. Physically, the team is in great shape for the Final Challenge.

Alongside Jay, Theresa won the mini-Final in episode six, showing that her cardio is a force to be reckoned with should she make it to the finale. And then right behind Theresa and Jay, Cory finished in second alongside Ashley.

However, Theresa remains public enemy number one in the house. It wouldn’t be shocking to see Theresa get thrown into the next elimination, and if she wins, it’s unclear if the house’s vendetta against her will dissipate. We could see the veteran thrown into elimination multiple times.

No. 6: Nany & Josh

Nany & Josh

MTVNany and Josh from MTV’s “The Challenge: Double Agents.”

Nany and Josh feel like a middle-of-the-road team right now. They have competed decently in  Daily Challenges this season and have strong allies backing them.

But both competitors don’t have the best track record for Finals and eliminations. In her 10 seasons, Nany has only made one Final, placing second, and has lost nine out of 12 eliminations. Double Agents is Josh’s fourth season and he has never made it to the Final Challenge. Josh has been thrown into elimination three times and has lost every time.

To win Double Agents, you need a Gold Skull which requires you to battle in The Crater. Nany and Josh have shown that eliminations aren’t their strong suit, so it will be interesting to see how they perform when it’s time.

No. 7: Lolo & Nam

Lolo & Nam

MTVLolo and Nam from MTV’s “The Challenge: Double Agents.”

On paper, Lolo and Nam are possibly the most physically impressive players in the house. However, they didn’t perform as expected in the mini-Final during episode six. And to top it off, Nam was a name Leroy was considering to throw into elimination, showing that the Ultimate Beastmaster alum’s placement in the house is rocky.

Since they’re book rookies, Lolo and Nam’s inexperience in eliminations and Finals could hinder their performance.

No. 8: Big T & CT

Big T & CT

MTVBig T & CT from MTV’s “The Challenge: Double Agents.”

Barring Darrell, CT is the most winningest player in the house, securing three Challenge championships. CT came into Double Agents in better shape than he’s been in for a long time. However, he was high on the radar of many of the cast members at the start of the season, and although he has seemingly disappeared into the background, they could try and make a power move to eliminate the veteran.

As entertaining as Big T is, her physical performance on The Challenge hasn’t stacked up well with other females in the house.  Both CT and Big T have yet to win a Gold Skull and when the time comes, it’s unclear if Big T can get her first elimination victory.

No. 9: Devin (Gold Skull) & Gabby

Devin & Gabby

MTVDevin and Gabby from MTV’s “The Challenge: Double Agents.”

As strategic as Devin is, he’s in the crosshairs of many male Challengers, specifically Fessy and Josh. And physically, Devin isn’t respected like many of the other male competitors. It wouldn’t be surprising if Devin finds himself in elimination in the coming episodes against someone who is looking for an easier road to a Gold Skull.

For Gabby, it’s unclear what she brings to the table physically. The Love Island star is a rookie and has yet to be tested in The Crater. She’s created alliances in the house, however it’s getting to the point in the game where she needs to earn her way to the Final.

No. 10: Amber M. & Mechie

Amber M. & Mechie

MTVAmber M. and Mechie from MTV’s “The Challenge: Double Agents.”

Besides Nam and Lolo, Amber M and Mechie are the only rookie-rookie duo left and have not impressed in terms of Daily Challenges. They are both unproven in The Crater, and it feels like they are being left in the house only to be called into elimination before the Final Challenge.

Although Amber has a rookie alliance and Mechie appears to be liked by the house, it doesn’t seem that the two have much pull politically with the veterans.

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