‘The Challenge: Double Agents’ Team Power Rankings Ep. 17


They’ve made it to the Final on The Challenge: Double Agents!

This article contains spoilers for the 17th episode of The Challenge: Double Agents which aired on April 7 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

As the dust settled on Wednesday night, eight competitors stood in front of TJ. And the host told them exactly what they wanted to hear: they’ve made it to the Final Challenge.

During the episode, Kam and Cory became the Double Agents by winning the Daily Challenge. Then, assuming it was a male-only elimination, Fessy volunteered as the house vote to go down into The Crater.

Kyle and Nany were chosen by the Double Agents to compete against Fessy and Amber B, and as expected, TJ revealed that only the men were competing. For the fourth time this season, Hall Brawl was the game. And for the second time in Double Agents, Fessy won it, sending the Brit packing.

The teams were then reshuffled drastically, with Fessy picking Kaycee as a partner, Leroy going with his Real World castmate Nany, and Amber B joining CT.

With only four teams left, see how they stack up below:

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Heavy on The Challenge’s Team Rankings After Episode No. 17

After the 17th episode, we have shared our rankings for the four teams left in the game. Heavy on The Challenge’s power rankings are based on one major factor now that the remaining contestants have made it to the Final: what is the likelihood of the team winning the $1 million grand prize?

*Our rankings are spoiler-free, meaning the rankings only pertain to what we have seen on the show so far.

No. 1: Kam & Cory

Kam & Cory

MTVKam and Cory from MTV’s “The Challenge: Double Agents.”

At first glance, a Challenge fan may assume that Fessy and Kaycee are the No. 1 team because of their physical nature. However, we don’t think so. From what we have to go on, which is these competitors’ performances on Double Agents and prior seasons, we believe Kam and Cory edge “Team Big Brother.”

In what TJ coined a “mini-Final” on Wednesday’s episode, Kam beat Kaycee emphatically. Yes, a lot came down to the math, but Kam proved she has great conditioning and puzzle abilities that will help her in the Final.

Between Cory and Fessy, Cory beat Fessy in the Total Madness Final last season. Cory placed third and Fessy placed fourth out of the men.

Experience on The Challenge is typically very important. Kam and Cory have a combined 13 Challenge appearances whereas Fessy and Kaycee have two. Kam and Cory have collectively been to seven Final Challenges and Fessy and Kaycee have been to two.

So for all these reasons, Heavy on The Challenge’s No. 1-ranked team going into the Final is Kam and Cory.

No. 2: Fessy & Kaycee

Fessy & Kaycee

MTVFessy & Kaycee from MTV’s “The Challenge.”

Fessy got the partner he wanted all season: Kaycee. They briefly paired up earlier in the show, however Aneesa stole Fessy right back after defeating Tori in The Crater.

A storyline this season is Fessy’s inability to work well in a team, so it will be interesting to see how he does with his friend from Big Brother 20.

Fessy and Kaycee are a powerhouse duo that on paper, have the capabilities of winning Double Agents.

No. 3: Amber B & CT

Amber B & CT

MTVAmber B and CT from MTV’s “The Challenge.”

Amber B had a poor showing during the mini-Final this episode because of her inability to solve the first math equation. However, CT will likely be beside her during the Final and he’s a proven puzzle wiz.

CT enters the Final as the only Challenge champion, winning three prior shows. But as a duo, it will be an uphill battle trying to beat the other teams to secure the $1 million. Amber B’s endurance is still relatively unknown and CT could be slowing down at 40 years old.

But, we can’t count out the Challenge legend and his partner.

No. 4: Leroy & Nany

Nany & Leroy

MTVNany and Leroy from MTV’s “The Challenge.”

Leroy had been at the top of our rankings for weeks partnered with Kaycee. Now he finds himself at the bottom. Nany and Leroy are still a strong team that could get it done, however Nany gassed a bit during the mini-Final during episode 17. That’s not a positive indicator of how she will do in the Final.

But, Leroy and Nany are a well-rounded team. And for all the old-school Challenge fans, a Leroy and Nany win would be pretty fun.

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