‘The Challenge: Double Agents’ Team Power Rankings Ep. 12


A lot happened in the 12th episode of The Challenge: Double Agents and Heavy on The Challenge’s rankings have been shaken up.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from the March 3rd’s episode of The Challenge: Double Agents. If you haven’t seen it and do not want to be spoiled, do not read any further.

Fans finally learned what the security breach was and three players were ultimately sent home this episode.

After TJ revealed that it was a double elimination, Devin and Gabby were matched up with Darrell and Amber B courtesy of the Double Agents. CT and Big T decided it was time for their first trip down to The Crater and they challenged Josh and Nany.

As expected, it was a male-only elimination. And the veterans represented, with Darrell sending Devin packing and CT dominating Josh.

Darrell and CT, who hold a combined seven Challenge championships, now have their Gold Skulls. CT also has a new partner, picking Kam and forcing Big T to team up with Nam. Darrell decided to remain with Amber B, his partner since the beginning of the season.

Cory and Gabby were also paired up.

Later on in the episode, Nam’s back issues finally caught up to him and it was determined that he was medically unfit to compete. TJ sent him home and Big T became a rogue agent.

Continue reading to see home the six remaining teams stack up.

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Heavy on The Challenge’s Team Rankings After Episode No. 12

After the 12th episode, we have assembled our rankings for the six teams left in the game. Heavy on The Challenge’s power rankings are based on two factors:

1. The team’s positioning in the house politically and strategically, and the likelihood of them making it to the Final Challenge. Having a Gold Skull helps elevate the team in the rankings.
2. The team’s potential to win the Final Challenge and earn a Challenge championship.

*Our rankings are spoiler-free, meaning the rankings only pertain to what we have seen on the show so far.

Big T is a rogue agent, so she is not a part of our rankings.

Here are the rankings:

No. 1: Kam (Gold Skull) & CT (Gold Skull)

CT & Kam

MTVKam and CT from “The Challenge: Double Agents.”

This is a really, really good team.

Besides Darrell, CT is the most winningest Challenger on Double Agents and has earned a championship as recently as two seasons ago, winning War of the Worlds 2 as a member of Team UK.

The way CT dropped Big T for Kam was savage, but from a game perspective, it was a fantastic move.

Kam very well could be the best female in the game and is a terrifying force to face in elimination. And she has what CT doesn’t have at this point in Double Agents, a seemingly solid alliance.

Should Kam and CT make it to the Final, they’ll be a tough team to beat.

No. 2: Leroy (Gold Skull) & Kaycee (Gold Skull)

Leroy & Kaycee

MTVLeroy and Kaycee from MTV’s “The Challenge: Double Agents.”

The new power duo has knocked our former No. 1 team down to No. 2.

Leroy and Kaycee are a top-tier pairing and they’re sitting in a better position in the house politically than Kam and CT. However, CT has been more successful in Finals than both Kaycee and Leroy, which gives him and Kam an edge in our rankings.

But even though Leroy and Kaycee are no longer ranked No. 1, they are still a frontrunner team should they make it to the end.

No. 3: Darrell (Gold Skull) & Amber B (Gold Skull)

Darrell & Amber B.

MTVDarrell and Amber B. from MTV’s “The Challenge: Double Agents.”

The four-time Challenge champion punched his ticket to the Final this episode. Darrell disposed of Devin in The Crater, securing his Gold Skull.

With Darrell and Amber B both holding skulls, it will be their priority to stay out of elimination. Amber B has the backing of the Big Brother alliance and Darrell is potentially the scariest player to see in The Crater, so they may be able to coast to the end.

And just like CT and Kam and Leroy and Kaycee, Darrell and Amber B have a very real possibility of winning the $1 million prize.

No. 4: Aneesa (Gold Skull) & Fessy (Gold Skull)

Aneesa & Fessy

MTVAneesa and Fessy from MTV’s “The Challenge: Double Agents.”

It’s the same old story with Fessy and Aneesa. Fessy is viewed as the most imposing figure in Double Agents but he’s teamed up with Aneesa, a competitor who hasn’t shown that she’ll have the ability to win the Final.

With the end drawing near, it wouldn’t be surprising if Fessy is scooped up by another female player.

No. 5: Nany & Kyle (Gold Skull)

Nany & Kyle

MTVNany and Kyle from “The Challenge: Double Agents.”

Last week, Kyle was sitting pretty in the No. 2 spot of our rankings. But he took a big blow this week, losing Kam as a partner and rejoining Nany.

Kyle lost the majority of his allies this episode as well, with Devin and Nam leaving and CT backstabbing him. This doesn’t bode well for the Brit trying to stay out of elimination.

Nany needs a Gold Skull and will likely press next Wednesday to be thrown down into The Crater. Although she’s a scrappy player, Nany doesn’t have a great track record in eliminations, going 3-9 in her Challenge career.

But if Nany can earn her skull and she and Kyle make it to the Final, they have the potential to do well.

No. 6: Cory & Gabby

Gabby and Cory

MTVGabby and Cory from “The Challenge Double Agents.”

The newly formed team of Gabby and Cory is the only duo that has two players without a Gold Skull. We will likely see both Challengers in The Crater during the next few episodes.

Because Gabby is a rookie, we haven’t seen how well she’ll perform under pressure in elimination. Cory has a respectable 6-3 elimination record and he proved last season that he has the endurance to run a Final.

Before they can rank any higher on the list, they both need to earn a Gold Skull.

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