‘The Challenge’ Cast Member Clears the Air on Pregnancy Rumor During Filming

The Challenge: War of the Worlds cast

MTV The Challenge: War of the Worlds cast

This week, one of the cast members on “The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies,” Bettina Buchanan, revealed that she was pregnant during filming and only found out when she was eliminated and returned home. That marked the third season in a row during which a cast member confirmed that they competed while pregnant.

Some articles have speculated that it was the fourth season in a row as there were rumors that Faith Stowers was pregnant during filming “War of the Worlds 2” and it was a factor in her decision to leave the show in the second episode. However, in light of those resurfaced rumors, Faith took to social media to clarify that she didn’t leave because she found out she was pregnant and explained why she left.

For those who may not remember, Faith joined “The Challenge” from “Vanderpump Rules” as Angela Babicz’s partner on “Final Reckoning” and the two were eliminated in the eighth episode by Ashley Mitchell and Hunter Barfield and were sent home for good from the redemption house two episodes later.

During her time on “Final Reckoning,” Faith found herself caught in the middle of the drama between Kyle Christie and Cara Maria Sorbello. She returned for “War of the Worlds 2” as a Team USA cast member but left in the second episode after an argument with the U.K.’s Stephen Bear.

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Faith Responded to Articles Claiming She Found Out She Was Pregnant During Filming ‘War of the Worlds 2’

Faith shared a screenshot of an Us Weekly article which included her on a list of women who found out they were pregnant during “The Challenge,” and she wrote in the caption, “I’m not sure why I’m included in this article, but the headline is very misleading to the public. I did not find out about my pregnancy during or before filming of ‘The Challenge.'” She explained:

I left after being threatened by a white British male and after the altercation the aggressor claimed he was scared of me and ACTUALLY had SECURITY sit outside his room to ‘PROTECT’ himself from me. This was very demeaning and hurtful. I did not want to support a very popular false narrative that black women are aggressive. #dontgetmestarted #protectblackwomen

It’s not the first time Faith addressed her departure from the show, as she told Us Weekly when the episode aired that she had been “so shaken up” by an altercation with Stephen Bear, Kyle Christie and Theo Campbell. “I started thinking and decided, I can’t do the show like this,” she told the outlet. “I felt hurt and felt like I shouldn’t be involved in this situation.”

To add to the situation, she said she had caught a bacterial infection along with some of the other stars on the show. “We were coughing constantly. I almost vomited from coughing so much,” she revealed, but it was about a lot more than not being able to sleep. “I was in the military for seven years, I’m not gonna leave because I couldn’t get sleep. I can handle that. It’s just when people are disrespectful when they don’t need to be.”

Faith Gave Birth to Her 1st Child, a Son, in Early 2020 & Has Been Focusing on Entrepreneurship

According to Us Weekly, Faith gave birth to her son in February 2020, writing, “I love you with all my soul and all my heart. Our connection is God-given. I’ll always make it my Business to make sure you are the happiest man on this planet. Just as you have made me the happiest woman. I can not wait to share every new experience and walk down roads never traveled with you by my side.”

Since her time on reality TV, Faith has been focusing on entrepreneurship and taken on a more executive role “to do something meaningful” in making TV shows, she told Forbes. “I want to help focus on building black-owned businesses and bringing people from different cultures together to share in a common interests,” she said.

Forbes reported that Faith has been working as an executive producer of a show about Martez Malone, the CEO and founder of fashion company YEKIM LLC. Faith said, “I wanted to amplify the story of a black creative who came from nothing and built a fashion empire.”

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