Fessy Shafaat & Amanda Garcia Hang Out Together After Online Blowup

Amanda Garcia Fessy Shafaat

Instagram Amanda Garcia and Fessy Shafaat

“The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies” co-stars Fessy Shafaat and Amanda Garcia have kept fans guessing about what’s going on between them as the pair were spotted together just a couple of weeks after Amanda called out Fessy on social media. The two vacationed in Mexico together in September and while they didn’t label their relationship, the photos and videos they shared made it clear they were seeing each other, including one video in which Fessy said that he’s “not a player” anymore.

Things between the two appeared to be going well until a clip surfaced on October 10 showing Fessy getting close to another girl at a bar and Amanda blasted the “Big Brother” star online, calling him a “clown” and saying she would be canceling their upcoming trips together.

It looks like that wasn’t the end of it though as a “Challenge” gossip account shared some photos of the two hanging out. On October 20, Amanda and Fessy were spotted together in Colorado, where Amanda lives. Later that day, Fessy tweeted, “Y’all getting tired of making those stupid a** articles you know nothing about yet or nah.” Here are some of the pictures:

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Amanda & Fessy’s Cast Members Teased the 2 in Comments on Their Social Media Posts

It looks like the two had a blast in Colorado and although they didn’t share any photos and videos together, it was clear they were in each other’s company as some of the videos Fessy posted to his Instagram Story were filmed by Amanda and she was heard talking in the background. The two went off-roading and Fessy captioned some of his photos, “Papi’s home.”

Fessy and Amanda’s “Challenge” co-stars had fun with the couple’s apparent reconciliation and many commented on the Instagram posts teasing the two. Josh Martinez commented, “We don’t got those trees in Florida…” Devin Walker joked, “Why aren’t you both in these photos? This is horse s***. You are a bottom bunk w****.”

As Fessy started sharing some photos and videos of his trip to his Instagram, Devin tweeted, “@fessyfitness and @MTV_AMANDAG are back ON!!! Let’s go babyyyyyy.” On another series of photos of Fessy in Colorado, Josh wrote, “I’m trying shoot with this photographer.” Kyle Christie commented, “Who’s taking the photo Fessy ? WHOSSSSSS TAKING THE GOD DAM PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Devin wrote, “‘Babe take my photo while I take ur photo’ #whotookthepic #who #theworldneedstoknow #wedeservethetruth #tellusnow.”

Fans will have to wait and see what the status of their relationship is but the two are currently in Amsterdam filming the “Spies, Lies and Allies” reunion with others from the cast, so there may be some gossip spilled when that airs after the season.

Amanda Blasted Fessy a Few Weeks Ago After a Video Surfaced of Him at a Bar Getting Close to Another Woman

Just 10 days before Fessy shared photos of his visit with Amanda, the two seemed to run into trouble after a “Challenge Mania” podcast event in Tampa, Florida. Fessy, who attended the event with several “Challenge” co-stars, was pictured getting close to another woman at a bar.

Amanda took to social media and tweeted, “For all of you tagging me in the video and pictures….I’ve seen it. He’s a f***** trashbag & I’m done with it. Sacrificing a real one with a temporary h** at the bar. Smfh. I can’t. Cancelling my trip to Florida next week & he def not comin to CO before the reunion anymore.”

She also called him a clown, saying he was texting her and calling her while he was with the other person. “Don’t be sorry I don’t need pity from y’all. I gave someone a chance who didn’t deserve it. It ain’t my loss, it’s his,” she later said.

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