Fessy Shafaat Wrote a Letter to His ‘Challenge’ Costar [LOOK]

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The last episode of The Challenge: Double Agents saw two competitors grow closer together as rookie Gabby Allen and Total Madness finalist Fessy Shafaat kissed in a few different areas around the house. The two also spoke about their attraction to each other during their confessionals, although the romance was cut short after Gabby was eliminated from the show by Nany Gonzalez.

During the episode, as Gabby left the Crater, she told Fessy she’d see him on the outside. After the episode aired, on The Challenge: Double Agents Aftermath, host Devyn Simone asked Fessy how he felt about Gabby getting eliminated from the game. He said, “It would have been cool for Gabby to steal me and see what happened with that but I was happy to be partnered with Nany because I know her heart, she doesn’t quit.”

The Big Brother alum continued, “So I sad as I was to see Gabby go, I was excited to be partnered with Nany.” Devyn then asked Fessy about a rumor that he left Gabby a romantic letter after her elimination from the game.

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Fessy Left a Note for Gabby After Her Elimination From Double Agents

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On the Aftermath show, Devyn also asked Fessy about a note that he left behind for Gabby to find. Fessy replied, “We genuinely didn’t get to know each other that well in the house because I think she was so paranoid and Devin and Kyle and CT were in her ear saying that I was only talking to her to get closer to her in the game and I was like, I didn’t politic with Gabby one time, how does that make sense that these guys are telling you that I’m talking to you to get you to vote or do something my way when I have never asked you.”

He said the two never spoke about the game they just hung out together and that’s what he wrote in the letter. The Big Brother alum said he wrote that it was nice to get to know her and it was more than just the game for him and he enjoyed spending time with her.

Devyn then said the note seemed to say something a little different to which Fessy replied laughing, “No, I think that one was a little edited, maybe a little TV magic sprinkle on it but that wasn’t the hard copy.” Devyn then showed a screenshot of the note, available below:

Fessy Shafaat Note

MTV/YouTubeA screenshot of the note Fessy left for Gabby.

It said, “Gabby, I’ll see you when I’m done winning the final. I think it’s more than an attraction, we should def give it a chance. Bye for now beautiful.”

Fessy Previously Said Nothing Happened Between Him & Gabby After the Show & Gabby Has a Boyfriend

Fessy previously revealed that nothing happened between the two after the show ended. He said their attraction in the house was purely physical and a way of “killing some time” for them. He also said a bonus was that it would bother Gabby’s partner at the time, Devin Walker, due to Devin being on opposing alliances from Big Brother competitors. “That’s all it really was,” he concluded.

Fessy told Devyn, “I haven’t talked to her since the show ended. It was just a little fun… Gabby’s absolutely beautiful, I was just saying me and her really didn’t have a relationship in the house. When I say we barely talked, there was days where we only said like a couple words. It was just physical attraction, that’s all it was.”

Gabby has a boyfriend, Brandon Myers, and the two were already seeing each other since just before Double Agents began filming although it’s unclear if they were serious at the time. Since Gabby returned from filming, the two have been posting pictures together and appear to now be living in Dubai. Brandon is also a reality TV star from the U.K.’s Ex on the Beach as well as a model.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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