Fessy Shafaat Spills on Relationship With Gabby Allen on Double Agents

Gabby Allen Fessy Shafaat

MTV Fessy Shafaat and Gabby Allen

The 10th episode of The Challenge: Double Agents saw a romance developing on-screen as things heated up between rookie Gabby Allen and Big Brother alum Fessy Shafaat. The two flirted while Gabby lay in bed and sealed their conversation with a kiss, with Gabby then saying in her confessional that Fessy’s attractive while Fessy said Gabby has “soft lips.”

On The Challenge: Double Agents Aftermath, Fessy was grilled by host Devyn Simone and his costars about the kiss between the two and whether it led to anything more after the show. Fessy said he could feel the “energy” in the house and added, “she was trying to act like she’s playing hard to get and I couldn’t get it if I wanted it or whatever,” and explained that it was like a “cat and mouse game.”

Fessy was also asked if he had to pick a Challenge competitor to kiss again, would he choose Gabby or Ashley Mitchell, who he kissed earlier in the season and the Big Brother alum replied “Gabby” without hesitation.

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Fessy Said the Connection Between Him & Gabby Was Purely Physical & It Didn’t Translate Into Anything Else

Fessy did reveal that the on-screen romance didn’t blossom into anything more after the show and said it was purely based on physical attraction and a way of “killing some time.” He also said he knew it would bother Devin Walker since Gabby and Devin were partners and Devin didn’t like the Big Brother competitors. He said, “That’s all it really was.”

Devyn asked if Gabby also agreed that it’s all it was and Fessy said, “I mean, I don’t know she’s not here so I can’t speak on her but for me, like I haven’t talked to her since the show ended. It was just a little fun.” Amber Borzotra asked if the kiss was good and if it happened more than once and he replied, “It happened multiple times so it obviously was something nice.”

Nany Gonzalez, who was also on the Aftershow, revealed that she had no idea they’d made out and it wasn’t an obvious situation in the house. Fessy then reiterated, “Gabby’s absolutely beautiful, I was just saying me and her really didn’t have a relationship in the house. When I say we barely talked, there was days where we only said like a couple words.” He said, “it was just physical attraction, that’s all it was.”

Fans also said that once Double Agents filming ended, Fessy was spotted on vacation in Turks and Caicos with costar Tori Deal, who recently split from her fiance Jordan Wiseley.

Gabby Has a Boyfriend & the 2 Have Been Together for Several Months

Although it hasn’t been mentioned on the show, Gabby actually has a boyfriend, Brandon Myers of the U.K.’s Ex on the Beach. The two were already seeing each other before Gabby began filming Double Agents but it’s unclear how serious they were at that time as became Instagram official on August 9, just before filming.

Since the show’s filming ended, Gabby and Brandon have posted a lot of photos together and seem to be living in Dubai. She recently posted about her birthday and wrote next to a picture of the two kissing, “Counting my blessings and you’re pretty much all 29 of them!” Brandon works as a model, is the director of the luxury holiday company Inside Lifestyle and he’s the owner of the clothing brand UNLVD, The Tab reported.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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